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Arizona court of appeals to rule on debt buyer Acarta law suit

Acarta claims to have purchased the alleged Chase credit card debt from debt buyer Turtle Creek Assets.

The issues:

Is Acarta manager Victor Gilgan a qualified witness with personal knowledge about the alleged debt?

Are Acarta's exhibits admissible?

Does Acarta have standing?

Can Acarta charge interest for the time PRIOR to its alleged purchase of the account while the original creditor Chase Bank chose to waive additional interest after it charged off the account?

Is it relevant that Chase Bank stopped litigation on its credit card accounts after whistleblower Linda Almonte sued Chase, claiming that she was fired because she refused to take part in fraud (the sale of Chase credit card chargeoffs to debt buyers with incorrect balances.)

If admissible, is the unsigned Card Member Agreement a "written agreement" and the account therefore subject to the 6 year statute of limitations instead of the 3 year statute of limitations in effect at the times relevant? (The SOL is now 6 years for credit cards in Arizona.)

Does Acarta's mislabeling of dates and amounts in the complaint constitute violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

The filings are posted at Debt buyer Acarta lawsuit in Arizona court of appeals

FRAUD & SCAM alert: Occupy Wall Street – Strike Debt – Rolling Jubilee is credit repair company profit ploy!

I was THRILLED to read the article Occupy Wall Street Is Buying And Paying The 99%’s Debt and I watched the Rolling Jubilee video.

What a fantastic idea!    As I'm currently being sued by two debt buyers with one case in the Arizona court of appeals, I really WANTED this to be the real thing. I even "tweeted" about this, my first tweet ever.

I got ready to promote Strike Debt here and started researching. 

WHO is buying the debt?

WHO is holding the donated money?

I could not find any information.

Finally my BS detector kicked in.  As a regular listener to Webster Tarpley's radio program I've heard my share of rants about the OWS incompetence and disorganization. I remembered the "Debtors' Revolt" and all kinds of "activism" in the name of PROFITS in recent years. And as I've been battling debt buyers in court and covered collection issues here, I realize that there is much to be discussed and planned PRIOR to getting started with purchasing debt. You don't just call up Bank of America or Chase and buy a million dollars in charged off accounts.  Most small debt buyers purchase from brokers and they pay broker fees.  The deals are negotiated based on the quality of the portfolio. There's nothing wrong with paying professionals for their expertise, but considering the LACK of transparency (who controls the money and who makes the decisions?), I conclude that this "activism" is going to make some people some very nice profits.

The Debt Resistors Operations Manual at Strike Debt:

This manual—written by an anonymous collective of resistors, defaulters, and allies from Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street—aims to provide specific tactics for understanding and fighting against the debt system.

I downloaded the manual and I immediately realized that this "movement" was hijacked (or started by) a credit repair company. Their credit repair manual "is really worth the money if you can afford it ($29.95)." OUCH!  A search of the document found SIX references to this credit repair company. Also listed are other FOR PROFIT credit related websites that I wouldn't recommend to my enemies.

The sample letters and the free advice are AWFUL! 

The manual is full of ADVERTISEMENTS for FOR PROFIT credit related services.

I got suckered by the OWS / Strike Debt / Rolling Jubilee.  Have to tweet my apologies now.

And if anyone is SINCERE about buying debt to forgive it, I'd love to be involved in such a project! 

No, I do NOT need a link to my websites. While I still offer credit services, I'm spending much more time in our gardens and hoophouse, growing organic and GMO free food.  I run a gardening club and got involved in all sorts of local activities -- trying to make a difference where I can.

One question to the OWS and Strike Debt:

Are you really THAT stupid or are you getting kickbacks from the FOR PROFIT companies you advertise?

“Life After Bankruptcy” credit guru Stephen Snyder files 3rd Ch. 7 bankruptcy

I posted details at Stephen Snyder filed for bankruptcy AGAIN!

I'm not sorry for the banks that won't get paid, but I'm very sorry for the many consumers who continue to get ripped off by Snyder.  As described in detail at the blog, he doesn't seem to be able to come up with a way to make an HONEST living.

Most recently he sold the most idiotic frivolous credit repair letters to gullible consumers, see Stephen Snyder’s credit dispute letter scam.

What will be next?

For future updates, please subscribe to our Stephen Snyder blog.


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Bankruptcy attorney Andy Miofsky posts completely FALSE after bankruptcy mortgage credit reporting info

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