WePay.com for donations, billing and payments

I’ve been trying WePay.com for a couple of months now and after receiving 2 donations I have a few comments.

  • WePay is fairly easy to set up.
  • WePay is a little more expensive than PayPal.
  • WePay is suitable for fundraising, customer billing and payments to other users.
  • No “buy it now” button or any way to collect money on the web aside from donations.
  • No WePay debit card.
  • WePay is LACKING documentation.
  • Despite WePay’s user testimonials with the horrors of PayPal, the terms allow WePay to take your money for ANY reason — just like PayPal.

When a donor could not log into his CreditFactors account (I later found out it’s an IE problem, probably due to virus), I refunded his donation.   Several times! But nothing happened.

The WePay system did not acknowledge the refund or provide any error message.  I was wondering why my bank account wasn’t debited.  Finally I called them and I was informed that you have to have the funds in your WePay account to issue refunds.

Why don’t they say that anywhere on the website and why didn’t I get an error message?

After my support call I received several emails regarding the call and a ticket number. I sure wish I didn’t have to call (limited support hours).  Why don’t they put these BASICS on their website?

It’s also odd that my bank’s address shows up as MY address in my profile.  They recently discontinued their referral program and hopefully they will use the $$$ they save to improve the WePay website.

For now I’m happy to have another alternative to PayPal.

Amazon Payments beats PayPal – NO transaction FEES!

I’ve been meaning to post about the Amazon Payments service for months and finally decided to take the time when I just checked my bank account and funds transferred from Amazon yesterday were already credited.

BEFORE I transferred from Amazon, I initiated a transfer from my PayPal account and it is NOT there yet — probably tomorrow, as it usually takes two days.  I have been impressed with the prompt deposits by Amazon.

So check out Amazon Payments:


If you ever ordered anything from Amazon and you have an Amazon account, simply log in!

I had NO idea that I had this payment option until a client told me earlier this year and I am THRILLED to be able to accept online payments WITHOUT paying any fee.

Yup, you read that right, there are NO fees for credit card payments as long as you send money for “goods or services”.

Goods or Services

Select this option if you are sending money for the purchase of goods or services, such as buying a digital camera or paying your babysitter.

There may be a “cash advance” fee imposed by credit card issuers if you check that option:

Cash Advance

Select this option if you are not sending money for the purchase of goods or services. You may be charged a cash advance or other fees by your credit or debit card issuer. Amazon Payments is not responsible for these fees. Contact your issuer for more information.

It’s basically the opposite of the PayPal terms as it charges a fee for goods and services while personal transactions are free (as long as you don’t use a credit card.)

I have no idea why Amazon picks up the credit card transaction fee and I sure hope they’ll continue to offer this fantastic service.

This is NOT a merchant account.

You can’ t use this account to put payment buttons on your website and there are no donation buttons.

If you are used to PayPal, Amazon sure is DIFFERENT.

At Amazon you have monthly sending and RECEIVING limits.  That’s probably to prevent using it as merchant account.

It takes a bit getting used to,  but it sure is ultra cool to be able to send and receive money using credit cards without the 3% PayPal fee.

Of course I still use the PayPal debit card for purchases to get my 1.5% cash rebate every month:

The Bank of America new $5/month fee for using your debit card and how to get PAID for using DEBIT cards.

PayPal has some good features, but it is great to have an alternative like Amazon and if you’re low on cash, a few dollars saved here and there sure make a difference.

Paylinq suspends all US customer withdrawals

Just received the email notice from Paylinq:

Dear Customer, In light of recent developments within our industry regarding customer withdrawals and the difficulty we have encountered in moving funds into the U.S. to facilitate withdrawals, it is with much regret that MyPaylinQ will be suspending all United States customer withdrawals until further notice. All customers with pending withdrawals currently in our system will be paid. We will do our best to have all outstanding withdrawals processed within the next 2 weeks to 4 weeks. We will continue to work diligently on your behalf to restore our U.S. market capabilities as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding a pending withdrawal please email cashier@mypaylinq.com. Kindest Regards. Finance Department MyPaylinQ Inc.

Really too bad.  They couldn’t make it even with those huge fees.

I need to post about AMAZON’s fantastic payment service in my next post — NO fees at all! And it works.

MyPayLinq.com — Huge fees and difficult to open

Today I saw the MyPayLinq.com payment option for the first time. Before you invest the time to open an account, read about their ludicrous fees and procedures. Read more…

Paypal suspended CreditFactors account — are there alternatives?

In October 2010 PayPal notified me that I had to remove all PayPal payment options from my CreditFactors services page as credit and debt settlement services were no longer allowed and violate the PayPal terms of use.

Since 2000, I had been using PayPal for all my business transactions and PayPal never once received a complaint.

In 2006 I had my only chargeback, a client claimed the charge was “unauthorized” (ID theft).  He was a crook and wanted his money back because I refused to assist him with the removal of a legitimate bankruptcy from his credit report.   I don’t provide “credit repair” services!  I assist clients with LEGITIMATE disputes and help them get the highest possible FICO scores.

Incredibly, PayPal ruled in favor of the crook despite the fact that he had NOT filed a police report and he clearly was not an ID theft victim, but LIED about the “unauthorized” charge.

Why does PayPal ACTIVELY support criminals who submit obviously FALSE claims?

After 10 years with exemplary PayPal account history, never a negative balance, no returned payments and NO complaints about my services, there was nothing I could do to convince PayPal that I am a legitimate credit consultant.

  • My 10-year business relationship with PayPal means nothing.
  • My many fraud documentaries and regulatory complaints mean nothing.

Despite many complaints about PayPal, I had not joined the many PayPal haters because I was concerned with retaliation.

After all, BBVA Compass Bank closed my personal and business accounts in 12/09 when I requested information about their deposit procedures after they charged me a $38 NSF fee while my account was NOT negative.  Apparently they posted a debit prior to the PayPal deposit and I wanted to publish their vile practices. BBVA Compass Bank didn’t appreciate my questions and they closed my accounts without ANY notice — leaving outstanding debits and checks to  be returned unpaid.

Please note that PayPal transfers to a bank account post a day or two later than PayPal withdrawals.

According to BBVA Compass Bank, that’s because PayPal does NOT process transfers to bank accounts promptly.

Are there any alternatives to PayPal?

I searched the web for many hours and all merchant accounts either prohibit credit and debt settlement services or they require huge volume.   I’m not a credit repair mill and never will be —  I don’t have any employees and I don’t pay for office space.  That’s how I keep the cost for my services so low.

Finally I read the Google Checkout terms and they did NOT mention credit or debt.  I searched their terms for both “credit” and “debt” and I found nothing.

I signed up for Google Checkout and it was a nightmare trying to get it to work with my membership software.

Just before Christmas I received the Google Checkout notice that my account was suspended due to violations of their terms.  HUH?  They make things up as they go along.

It’s a lot easier to sell porn than to assist consumers with credit and debt problems.

Currently it’s not possible to subscribe online to the CreditFactors knowledgebase and to order my consulting services on the web.

Clients can mail checks, which I will likely not receive for weeks because I don’t enjoy the luxury of mail delivery at my home / office.

Western Union comes with a $12 fee!

I will continue to work with my existing clients before their checks arrive, but I’m not willing to work with new clients while waiting weeks and maybe forever to get their checks.

I am very glad we are starting to grow veggies and salad for sale.  We can accept cash and barter and eliminate the bank fees entirely.  But I would like to occasionally work with clients with legitimate disputes and feature especially outrageous creditor/collector/bank or other business misconduct here.  After all, that’s what Liars and Cheats EXPOSED is about.

I’ll greatly appreciate any recommendations for online services payment services that can be used to transfer money instantly and hopefully without ridiculous fees.

PayPal and Google Checkout charge around 3%.  A giant waste of money, but I considered it a necessary business expense.  New clients who want me to start work immediately will now have to pay extra to get their payment to me, whether that means additional mailing expenses or fees for expensive online payment services.