WePay.com for donations, billing and payments

I’ve been trying WePay.com for a couple of months now and after receiving 2 donations I have a few comments.

  • WePay is fairly easy to set up.
  • WePay is a little more expensive than PayPal.
  • WePay is suitable for fundraising, customer billing and payments to other users.
  • No “buy it now” button or any way to collect money on the web aside from donations.
  • No WePay debit card.
  • WePay is LACKING documentation.
  • Despite WePay’s user testimonials with the horrors of PayPal, the terms allow WePay to take your money for ANY reason — just like PayPal.

When a donor could not log into his CreditFactors account (I later found out it’s an IE problem, probably due to virus), I refunded his donation.   Several times! But nothing happened.

The WePay system did not acknowledge the refund or provide any error message.  I was wondering why my bank account wasn’t debited.  Finally I called them and I was informed that you have to have the funds in your WePay account to issue refunds.

Why don’t they say that anywhere on the website and why didn’t I get an error message?

After my support call I received several emails regarding the call and a ticket number. I sure wish I didn’t have to call (limited support hours).  Why don’t they put these BASICS on their website?

It’s also odd that my bank’s address shows up as MY address in my profile.  They recently discontinued their referral program and hopefully they will use the $$$ they save to improve the WePay website.

For now I’m happy to have another alternative to PayPal.

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