5/10/10: my response to Karen Anne Boehmer, AZ State Bar

Christine Baker
3880 Stockton Hill Rd. Ste. 103-156
Kingman, AZ 86409
Fax: 571-222-1000

Attn:   Karen Anne Boehmer
Unauthorized Practice of Law Counsel
State Bar of Arizona

Via fax to 602-271-4930 – 4 pages including cover

May 10, 2010

Re: Arizona State Bar complaint

Dear Ms. Boehmer,

As you know, I don’t receive mail at my residence and I’m extremely busy.  My response to the last Arizona State Bar harassment is posted at my website http://fight-back.us/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=666

1) Your accusations and ludicrous demands that I cease and desist “appearing” to practice law.

Why are you bothering me 6 months after receiving the obviously frivolous complaint by attorney Jennifer R. Spiegel, Hammerman & Hultgren, P.C.?

2) My debt settlement services

If you have a problem with me settling debts, you may also want to send your cease and desist demands to the THOUSANDS of debt settlement companies.

For your convenience, I posted the results of a Google search at [this URL]

3) My fax to Hammerman & Hultgren P.C. and their deplorable litigation practices

Please consider this my formal complaint against Jennifer R. Spiegel and Stanley M. Hammerman.  I hope you will agree that their misconduct is inexcusable and that you will disbar them after reading how they mistreated my clients.

I am assuming attorneys Spiegel and Hammerman failed to report the unauthorized practice of law by Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS).  Presumably, you would have requested my assistance with the prosecution of FDRS and their personnel as I have been investigating and publicizing this fraud since 1/08.

My clients contacted me in 6/09 when they were unable to find an attorney to represent them after they were defrauded by FDRS and then sued by creditors after having paid over $6,000 to FDRS to eliminate these debts.

On 6/22/09, my clients ordered my $190 Credit Review to assess their credit, their financial situation and to discuss their options.  An alternative to bankruptcy was to hold FDRS liable for the damages it caused.

Please read my 7/18/09 SAMPLE DEMAND to FDRS: http://fdrs-debt-elimination-scam.info/fdrs-fraud-blog/2009/07/50k-demand-to-fdrs-request-for-assistance-to-creditor-attorneys/

After my clients sent a similar demand, FDRS ignored the substance of their letter.  These criminals know that the people who enrolled in their fraudulent program don’t have the cash to pay attorneys and they also know that almost ALL attorneys are pure scum and will NOT assist consumers for a few hundred dollars.

I also recommended that my clients notify the creditors and their attorneys of the FDRS fraud and that they request the creditors’ assistance with pursuing FDRS.  My 4/6/09 SAMPLE LETTER: http://fdrs-debt-elimination-scam.info/fdrs-fraud-blog/2009/04/sample-letter-to-collector-or-creditor-who-sued/

On or about 7/20/09, my clients faxed their fraud notice and request for assistance to Hammerman & Hultgren and to all other creditors or their attorneys.

Don’t you think that attorneys Hammerman and Spiegel should have contacted their client, Household Bank, and that they should have provided a response by Household?

As stated in the letter, other creditors such as Chase SUED similar fraudulent outfits, recovered MILLIONS of dollars AND forgave the debts and removed them from the credit reports of the defrauded consumers.

I even posted the Chase complaint and various filings and it would have been SO easy for Household to STOP FDRS and to RECOVER their loot.

HOWEVER, attorneys Hammerman and Spiegel IGNORED my clients’ fax!

That is why I contacted Hammerman & Hultgren directly on 7/27/09.   As you know, I politely requested a response prior to submitting regulatory complaints.

It appears that attorney Hammerman then backdated a letter to my clients without even addressing the issues.  The letter is posted at http://liarsandcheats.info/arizona-state-bar-corruption-documented/attorney-stanley-hammerman-response-to-my-clients/

I spent many hours reading the court filings prepared by FDRS and their employees who are apparently NOT licensed to practice law anywhere.  The details are described in my declaration posted at http://fdrs-debt-elimination-scam.info/fdrs-fraud-blog/2009/08/my-declaration-to-have-fdrs-mark-cella-herman-lewis-and-kathy-quintos-added-to-creditor-suit/

Due to my publications and countless regulatory complaints by the fraud victims, FDRS is out of business.  DAMAGE REPORTS are posted at http://liarsandcheats.info/fdrs-mark-cella-debt-elimination-fraud/submit-your-damages/

NUMEROUS outfits just like FDRS are operating with impunity and nobody gives a rat’s ass.  So I decided to finally submit my complaint to regulators and to further document how LAWYERS are the real reason for most of our problems.


I will certainly cease assisting consumers once the COURT orders me to do so.

In the meantime, I will continue to contact attorneys and provide my affidavits to my clients for filing with the court.  I will also continue to contact attorneys for clients who wish to settle their debts and most important, I will publicize creditor, collector and attorney misconduct.

I have the right to appoint a representative who is NOT a lawyer with a power of attorney to represent me in all matters other than appearing in court as my attorney.

Of course the Bar Associations would like to require Americans to have to pay lawyers to handle all disputes.  Let’s see what the COURT has to say about that.

I couple of questions for you:

Did judge Stephen C. Villarreal report the FDRS unauthorized practice of law to you?
Did attorney Jennifer R. Spiegel report the FDRS unauthorized practice of law to you?

If so, are the criminals who actually DID engage in the unauthorized practice of law and defrauded my clients and MANY others in jail yet?

I’m looking forward to documenting the corruption of the Arizona State Bar and its members.

Ms. Boehmer, I don’t know how you sleep at night.  Attorney Spiegel provided with her ridiculous complaint my notice of FRAUD to Hammerman & Hultgren and you’re investigating ME!

Most Americans still think that the bankers are destroying America and they have no idea that the LAWYERS make it possible for the bankers to bankrupt not only individuals who acted in good faith, but the entire country.

Please feel free to contact me by fax or email.


Christine Baker

c:  posted at http://liarsandcheats.info/arizona-state-bar-corruption-documented/


Just in case the Arizona State Bar has a problem with my debt settlement services, I searched for “Arizona debt settlement”  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=arizona-debt-settlement&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS357US358&ie=UTF-8


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