Attorney Stanley Hammerman response to my clients

On 7/19/09, my clients faxed their fraud notice and request for assistance with the prosecution of the FDRS criminals.

On 7/27/09, I faxed my power of attorney and request for a response to Hammerman and Hultgren.

In August my clients received the snail mailed terse response, dated 7/29/09:


I thought that it took an awful long time for my clients to receive this letter and they retrieved the envelope from the trash.  The letter was actually postmarked 8/3/09 and I don’t know why they tried to make it look like they responded 5 days earlier.

More important, they did not address the FDRS fraud and my clients’ request for Household Bank assistance at all.

Did they even notify their client, Household Bank?

Due to my publications and the countless regulatory complaints by FDRS victims, they went out of business in 2009.

Is attorney Stanley Hammerman liable for the Household losses due to the FDRS fraud?

After all, had Household taken legal action against FDRS immediately upon notice, they could have sued FDRS and obtain a court order to freeze their bank accounts.

Stanley Hammerman ought to be disbarred for his unethical conduct.

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  1. The letter is not readable. What did it say?

  2. Click on the scanned letter for full size.

    They continued to COLLECT and ignored my clients’ FDRS fraud notice and request for Household assistance.

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