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7-27-09–my-fax-to-all-creditors-attorneys-pub7-27-09–my-fax-to-all-creditors-attorneys-pubIn MARCH 2010 I received the first notice from Karen Anne Boehmer, Unauthorized Practice of Law Counsel, State Bar Arizona:


Ms. Boehmer included the 7/29/09 complaint about my “unauthorized practice of law” by attorney Jennifer R. Spiegel with the collection law firm Hammerman & Hultgren in Phoenix.


She included my 7/27/09 fax to my clients’ creditors and/or their attorneys (including Stanley Hammerman) and my clients’ power of attorney:


To Whom It May Concern:

Attached is my clients’ power of attorney. They contacted you on July 19, 2009 to request your assistance as they have been paying FDRS to eliminate the debts you are collecting.

The Seidberg Law response was limited to copies of the statements for the Citi account
and my clients received no other responses.

I’ll appreciate your position on the issues addressed in my clients’ letter to you and to FDRS prior to submitting my complaints to regulators and publication of this fraud at other websites.

Please contact me by fax or email by the end of the week or let me know if you need more time.


Christine Baker

Incredibly, this fax caused attorney Jennifer R. Spiegel with Hammerman & Hultgren to submit her ludicrous complaint about me to the State Bar.

Also included with the Bar complaint was a printout of my CreditFactors website.  It is barely readable, but has not substantially changed since July 2009 and you can look at it at


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  1. Sirs, please add the following complaint to your list:

    Jennifer R Spiegel associate with HAMMERMAN & HULTGREN, PC, fraudulantly and abusively began garnishing my salary after entering documentation into the Yuma County Superior Court. The were under contract with another junk debt collector, LVNV FUNDING LLC, claiming I owed them about $16K; they are now garnishing over $28K with interest growing daily. Jennifer and company never offered a day in court as they began sending very important court documents to a fraudulant address. I was pursuing the injured party, contract agreement with wet ink signatures, an accounting and ledger of alleged expenses as provided under the Fair Debt Collections Act. Now I have to go after each party involved.

  2. Check out this new blog:

    It’s the exact same situation, just different debt buyer and different law firm. The entire consumer debt buying industry should be outlawed. And don’t get me started on these collection lawyers — pure scum! Unfortunately the Arizona judicial system is very corrupt and many judges openly ENCOURAGE false affidavits and unfair practices.

    Do you have an attorney?

  3. howdy.

    i am supposed to be going into retirement, but my idiot ex just wants to be nasty. ok. enough is enough.

    the attorney she had, one S H Everts, a mormon, in mesa az, was used, and as i am mixed race, i did not know i was cursed. well, he cheated & lied thru the whole mess. used a mormon judge, david l roberts. i guess i have to fight.
    ideas, anyone?
    DR1996092090 big ol mess! adios from long beach cal

  4. I need help with reporting a public defender for not returning my calls and for wasting valuable time before submitting motions that i needed filed if there is someone that can help me please call me at [redacted] my name is Patrick Henderson

  5. I’m sorry to have to inform you that this is planet Earth and NOBODY will call you to help you unless you PAY them. However, quite likely SCAMMERS and CRIMINALS will contact you to “help” you and that’s not what this site is for and I deleted your phone number.

    Patrick, you need to help yourself:

    Contact the public defender’s BOSS (city attorney, county attorney?) in WRITING. Summarize your complaint, provide the DATES and exactly what happened and you should get a written response.

    If you don’t get a satisfactory resolution or you have any questions, please post here again.

  6. Sometime ago, the Yuma County Attorney’s office decided to abuse their position, authority and the taxpayers resources when they conspired in a “Witch Hunt” by filing several frivolous criminal charges of forgery and theft against me regarding “MY” own personal property which was the only item disputed and awarded to me in my final divorce decree.

    Yuma County Judge John Nelson ordered the County Attorney’s Office to release my car trailer and the contents; Roger Nelson “Chief Deputy Prosecutor and David Haws “prosecutor” ignored the court order (several times) which at that point, I filed bar complaints against both of them.

    ACAP Chief Bar Council “Jim Lee” called Yuma County Prosecutor David Haws and Roger Nelson to question them regarding their intentional refusal of several court orders and also questioned them as to their inappropriate involvement in a divorce matter and what evidence they allege they have. They both lied to Chief Bar Council “Jim Lee” alleging they have additional evidence when they in fact had nothing at all and never provided anything to substantiate their abusive attack against me.

    After over 20 court appearances in front of former Presiding Judge Andrew Gould and also many complaints to the appropriate agencies, the bogus charges were dropped.

    NOW, once again, recently as of last Wednesday the 6th of June, 2012, I was called by the Arizona Attorney General Special Agent Shaun Osborn and informed in a very rude manner that he would not investigate legit criminal charges against the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office for protecting and covering up serious misconduct offenses by deputies, offensives that were extremely abusive and unethical towards women who are victims in other crimes.

    Also, in closing the conversation with Special Agent Shaun Osborn; he advised me that I was now currently under investigation for criminal allegations by the Pinal County Attorney’s Office “in Parker” on behalf of the Yuma Count Attorney’s Office; once again I find this highly abusive and completely inappropriate and illegal.
    How can we continue to allow people of this caliber to keep bullying people in such an unjust and abusive manner; this is clearly criminal and one of the main reasons why our economy is in such bad shape.
    Danny Bolser
    Candidate for Yuma County Sheriff 2012

  7. Danny, it would really be helpful to your campaign if you DOCUMENTED your allegations, published the complaints you submitted, etc.

    I know it takes a lot of time, that’s what it takes to gain credibility.


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