Two great rants about Compass Bank – BBVA

This post is about Compass Bank long lines and the $7 fee to cash a check:

And here’s a fantastic post from last year about Compass Bank rearranging deposits and debits to maximize NSF fees:

I also read the comments and as usually, there are trolls claiming that we just need to learn how to manage our money.   I get those moronic comments here too, but no longer approve them.  I don’t have the time to respond and why should we all have to read those comments and get aggravated?

Some of the trolls are bank employees, others are “normal” people who THINK they are so smart.  They “never had a problem” with their bank.  That’s usually because they’re too dumb to figure out when they get screwed or they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Can you tell that these morons bother me as much as the banks? 🙂

And since Wells Fargo was mentioned as a better bank,here’s my post about the class action against Wells Fargo for reordering transactions to get maximum NSF fees:

Additionally, I personally documented that Wells Fargo stole THOUSANDS of dollars from a client who made her mortgage payments with cash at the branch.   I helped her get some of the money back (the payments she had receipts for), but they would not credit anything else.

Wells Fargo did NOT investigate how this happened or offer any explanation.  And one of their employees told me that they couldn’t care less what I publish as they are so huge.   Unfortunately he was right:

Currently I’m banking at US Bank and they arrange the deposits and debits so that the deposits go in first.  That’s very nice, but they have other problems.  I won’t be writing about them because they’d quite likely close my account as Compass BBVA did after they found out about my posts.

I’m excited that the Common Good Bank is now scheduled to open in spring 2012.  I’m a founding member and for more info please check the website:


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