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I've been trying to help a client who got scammed by the fraudulent Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS).

Cohen & Slamowitz sued him for a Citibank account and I contacted them, informed them of the fraud and requested Citibank's assistance with legal action against FDRS, owner Mark Cella and other key personnel. I also informed Cohen & Slamowitz that the Affidavit of Service contained an incorrect date of service.

Cohen & Slamowitz ignored me.  My client filed his motion to dismiss and all documents, including Cohen & Slamowitz attorney Van Houten's response to the motion to dismiss, are posted at the new blog:

Cohen & Slamowitz Unfair Collection Litigation Practices

I'm still awaiting a response to my 3/10/10 Notice of Publication.

Next:  My client's complaint to the NY Bar and NY AG Cuomo.


FREE Credit Reports, Credit Scoring FRAUD and Scams EXPOSED!

Primarily about various free reports, discounts, deals.  I will review various credit reports and explain what you get and what you do NOT get when you order your credit report.

Right away I got sidetracked by an incredibly deceptive ad for New Life Solutions, another debt settlement outfit, charging huge upfront fees for setting up a savings account for its clients.  It so happened that the owner was recently named in a cease and desist order by the California Department of Real Estate involving MORTGAGE MODIFICATIONS.  Scammers will always scam ...


Credit Reporting and Debt Collection News

Primarily about industry news, litigation and collection practices, including recorded collection calls:

AUDIO: Russell Malone – Mitchell N. Kay – obnoxious collection calls


We're so tired of harassment suits to get the truth deleted.  So I'm now prepared to be imprisoned and go on hunger strike until the plaintiffs, their attorneys, judges and the free speech organizations received the publicity they deserve:

Free Speech & Privacy


Usually updated several times a day, we post links to articles about credit, collection, finance, health, food, politics, etc.:



Credit Bureau Experian and DeVry Reporting False Late Payments and Refusal to Delete

Debt Collector Portfolio Recovery FDCPA and FCRA Complaints with FTC and Attorneys General


We decided to place Google ads on many of the blogs.  Please read why at the new page:


We've obviously been BUSY!


Baker v. Verifacts, Trans Union LLC and Trans Union Interactive

Trans Union sold my credit report to Verifacts.  Was Verifacts collecting a debt?  If so, they violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) on numerous occasions.  To date, Verifacts has failed to identify any debt.  They had called me to verify my address and they DENIED being a collector.  They ran my credit.  WHY?  What is their permissible purpose? Stay tuned ...

Christine Baker

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