“Life After Bankruptcy” credit guru Stephen Snyder files 3rd Ch. 7 bankruptcy

I posted details at Stephen Snyder filed for bankruptcy AGAIN!

I'm not sorry for the banks that won't get paid, but I'm very sorry for the many consumers who continue to get ripped off by Snyder.  As described in detail at the blog, he doesn't seem to be able to come up with a way to make an HONEST living.

Most recently he sold the most idiotic frivolous credit repair letters to gullible consumers, see Stephen Snyder’s credit dispute letter scam.

What will be next?

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2 Responses to “Life After Bankruptcy” credit guru Stephen Snyder files 3rd Ch. 7 bankruptcy
  1. Nick Gia
    July 8, 2013 | 3:10 pm

    Well Stephen got me to and he is at it againjust got this e mail from him


    I know it’s short notice…

    But if you want to discover how to fix your credit yourself (without an attorney), I’m hosting a conference call tonight where I’ll talk about each of the 19 steps necessary to do it yourself.

    The call with be no longer than one hour.

    You will learn a lot and gain a greater understanding about how the credit system works, by just listening in.

    The call begins at:

    8:30 PM Eastern
    7:30 PM Central
    6:30 PM Mountain
    5:30 PM Arizona
    5:30 PM Pacific
    4:30 PM Alaska
    3:30 PM Hawaii

    The number is dial is: (530) 881-1212
    Then enter code: 135-940-588#

    • Christine
      July 8, 2013 | 4:10 pm

      I’ve been meaning to post about his latest scams.

      Here’s my FREE blueprint to recovery after bk:

      1) Make sure all discharged accounts have a $0 balance on all credit reports and that Trans Union shows a DATE CLOSED for all discharged accounts.
      2) Make sure you have at least one open revolving account (better two or three)
      3) NO more late payments – NOT ONE!

      Any new late payment or collection AFTER the bk will destroy your scores.

      4) To maximize your FICO scores, ensure that your Balance / Limit Ratio is as low as possible. ONE revolving account should have a SMALL balance ($1 is best) and all other accounts should show a $0 balance. You can easily manipulate what’s reported by paying accounts in full or paying all but $1 before the STATEMENT DATE and then NOT using the card until after the statement date.

      If your scores aren’t around 700 within a year from discharge and with a low balance/limit ratio you need some fine tuning. If they’re below 650 and you need to review the myFICO score factors to determine what’s wrong.

      That’s it!

      I don’t even recommend my Credit Review anymore for after bk clients because the credit bureaus have been sued so hard, they’re pretty good about correcting balances.

      It’s INCREDIBLY EASY to have decent scores soon after bankruptcy and there’s no need to pay a CROOK like Stephen Snyder who DEFRAUDED many of his admirers.

      I can post that because I’d LOVE for him to sue me for defamation so I could prove in COURT what a lowlife this fraudster really is.

      Stephen Snyder SHOULD be in jail!

      And if you give this fraudster just one penny after reading at this blog what a scumbag Snyder is, you’re dumber than a rock.