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Elizabeth Warren will NOT be nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Last September I wrote:  Elizabeth Warren reports to Geithner — how long will she last? Of course she was way too SINCERE and I suspect that she can’t be bought or blackmailed.  Obviously she was NOT suitable for the job. Richard Cordray, former Ohio AG, is to supposed to be nominated to head the Consumer…

MUST SEE: The Money Masters

A fantastic documentary about American history as NOT taught in schools:

Rondout Legal Kim Letus legal threats over allegations of falsified affidavit of service

Mark McCumber, Rondout Legal Services, affidavit of service

In 6/09, Citi Bank sued a reader after he had enrolled in the fraudulent FDRS debt elimination program. Cohen & Slamowitz represented Citi and hired Rondout Legal Services to serve him with the complaint and summons. On 10/10/09, the reader found the papers at his front door. We  reviewed the affidavit of service and noticed…

California AG and governor candidate Jerry Brown refuses to prosecute KNOWN criminals

Jerry Brown, Cal. AG -- Mark Cella, FDRS owner

Since Jan. 2008 I documented the Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) debt “elimination” FRAUD. FDRS owner Mark Cella and his sales people promised “debt elimination”, charged consumers thousands of dollars and delivered NOTHING. Many victims have been sued by creditors like Citi Bank who KNEW about the fraud, but choose to pursue the defrauded consumers….