4/26/10: My fax to Cawthorn regarding accounting discrepancies

April 26, 2010

To: Barbara Mann, Legal Assistant
Cawthorn, Picard, Rowe, Deskevich & Gavin, P.C.

Via fax to 804-323-9102 — 1 page including cover

Re: Accounting discrepancies

Zussman, Smith, Dolan, Lane, Silloway & Park, DDS. vs. [client]
Case Number: [redacted]
Account Number: 08-03225-0

Dear Ms. Mann:

Thank you for promptly sending your accounting.

On 4/23/09, my client notified your office of the Delta insurance payment and she even provided the 6/11/08 Delta Benefits Explanation of Benefits. She requested that you verify this payment and advised that she actually only owed $413.60. She also wrote:

I would like to discuss how to best forward payment for that amount to your client, as well as having the judgment marked as paid and also marked as filed in error.

On 5/11/09, Stephanie L. Bernard sent my client a statement with the insurance credit, claiming that the total due was $1,521.41. You credited the insurance adjustment on 5/12/09 INSTEAD of when it was actually received by Zussman, Smith, Dolan, Lane, Silloway & Park.

My client then called Ms. Bernard and she agreed to adjust the fees to reflect the actual amount owed. However, instead of sending a revised statement, you then garnished my client’s wages, you received $1,614 and now your accounting shows this account as closed, but with a $20.50 balance.

Please let me know whether your attorneys still feel that the accounting you provided on 4/23/10 is accurate.

Christine Baker
c: [client]

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