5/18/10: My request for comments and notice of publication to Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

On 5/18/10, I sent my notice to


Please provide me with contact information for your management as I am publishing a dispute due to your failure to credit an insurance payment to my client [redacted]  account, resulting in a judgment and overpayment by my client.

I am NOT an attorney, but I document scams, frauds and illegal and unethical conduct at my websites.

Since I received no response from your attorneys at Cawthorn, Picard, Rowe, Deskevich & Gavin to my last two emails, I would like to know whether you are aware of this dispute, whether you had received the overpayment or whether your attorneys kept it and whether your attorneys acted on your direction when they refused to vacated the judgment and to refund all excessive fees as well as my fee.

I hope to make the new blog public today and I am giving you the opportunity to submit your statement regarding this dispute.


Christine Baker

The next day Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery responded:

It is our understanding that as recent as May 3, 2010, you have corresponded with our attorneys,  Cawthorn and Picard.  Please continue to direct all communication to their office at (804) 320-7186.

Incredibly, they have NOT bothered to explain or apologize for NOT crediting the Delta Dental insurance payment!

On 5/27/10 I sent my notice of publication to Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Cawthorn &Picard:

SUBJECT: Notice of publication

The Fairfax Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Cawthorn, Picard, Rowe, Deskevich & Gavin fraud documentary:


This is a courtesy notice and your response is NOT required unless you wish to advise of any errors or updates.

Christine Baker

To date, I have NOT received a response.

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