6/3/10: FINALLY Cawthorn & Picard reported the fraudulent judgment as satisfied (instead of vacating it)

FINALLY, Fairfax Oral attorneys Cawthorn & Picard reported the judgment as satisfied as of 6/3/10:

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On 4/28/10,  Ms. Barbara Mann with Cawthorn & Picard wrote:

… We have satisfied this judgment with the court but are not a credit reporting agency.  Ms. [redacted] will have to follow-up with the credit bureau as far as the satisfaction showing on her credit file. …

Apparently Ms. Mann LIED.

Of course they should have VACATED the judgment.

My client did NOT owe the $2,399, as Delta Dental had paid $1,454 and Fairfax Oral had billed $346 MORE than allowed by their contract with Delta Dental.

Fairfax Oral essentially defrauded my client when they failed to apply the Delta insurance payment, obtained a default judgment and even AFTER my client’s notice chose to garnish her wages, resulting in massive overpayment in summer 2009.

Only after I contacted Cawthorn  & Picard did they finally refund $542.27 — part of the overpayment.  Despite our request, we have not received updated accounting.

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