Cohen & Slamowitz and Citibank pursue judgment-proof defrauded debtor INSTEAD of criminals

Today I finished the ABOUT page and I hope it makes sense.

My head is spinning as I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.  The process server Mark McCumber with Rondout Legal apparently FALSIFIED the affidavit of service because he thought that the ACTUAL service date would be more than 120 days after the filing of the complaint.

We don’t even know WHEN the complaint was filed as my client has yet to receive a copy with the court’s filing date.

We DO know that Cohen & Slamowitz engages in unfair and deceptive collection practices and that they couldn’t care less whether an affidavit of service was falsified.  And that’s DESPITE being name last year in a HUGE investigation resulting in an order vacating over 100,000 default judgments due to improper service.

Of course the BIG issue is that my client had paid Federal Debt Relief System (FDRS) and this was one of the enrolled accounts.

Citibank and Cohen & Slamowitz couldn’t care less and did not even ACKNOWLEDGE the dispute.

For details please read: FDRS and Mark Cella Debt Elimination SCAM

I’ll be drafting the complaint with regulators and of course we’ll try to find an attorney to file counter claims against Cohen & Slamowitz and to join Mark Cella (FDRS owner) and other key personnel.

4 Responses to “Cohen & Slamowitz and Citibank pursue judgment-proof defrauded debtor INSTEAD of criminals”

  1. i have been scammed by fdrs now i am getting sude for $15,000 by debtors i want to know what i need to do to try an get my money back

  2. Please READ the posts here. I spent so many hours on this site and on the FDRS investigation, please READ.

    I have no idea what works for you as that depends entirely on YOUR abilities, resources and desires.


  3. You have some nerve slandering an honest, hard-working person (Mark McCumber) and a legitimate business (Rondout Legal) on the internet. I have documentation that he was where he said he was when he said he was there, but you wouldn’t know that because you posted this inflammatory crap without a single communication with our office to find out if there was truth to it. A court of law backed up this service based on evidence, something you obviously know nothing about. My business and server’s name is all over the place, but your client’s real name is not even used. You have not responded to my email and have not had the spine to address this to me directly. Maybe you’ll be more willing to speak with my attorney. I plan to hold you personally liable for these slanderous posts unless they’re removed immediately. I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my attorney to discuss it.

  4. Ms. Letus,

    Why didn’t post your PROOF???