Rondout Legal owner Kim Letus threatens with lawsuit re affidavit of service

Kim Letus, owner of Rondout Legal threatens:

Unless you remove these false accusations from your website, I, as the owner of Rondout Legal and a legitimate and honest business person for the past 20+ years, will be hiring an attorney to look into this.  The defendant had his day in Court, and the Court ruled the service to be legitimate and the affidavit to be accurate.  Get these lies about my business off your website.  If you’re truly interested in fairness, you will not vilify a legitimate business and an honest person (Mark McCumber) with false accusations.

See 10/7/09: Rondout Legal Service, Mark McCumberAffidavit of Service for another threat.

Ms. Letus, I’m definitely very interested in finding out what REALLY happened.

  • Please provide a picture of Mark McCumber

We need to provide it to my client’s neighbors who spoke with the unidentified process server looking for my client between 10/3/09 when Mr. McCumber CLAIMS to have served my client and 10/10/09, when the papers were posted at my client’s door.

Let’s see if the neighbors recognize McCumber.

  • How do you explain the appearance of the papers on 10/10/09?

I’d sure like to know.

  • You wrote:

… the Court ruled the service to be legitimate and the affidavit to be accurate.

I am not aware of this ruling. How did the court determine that the affidavit of service is accurate?  Did McCumber testify? Were there any witnesses?  What PROOF was submitted to the court?

Ms. Letus, you already are a Liars and Cheats EXPOSED member, so please post right here.

6 Responses to “Rondout Legal owner Kim Letus threatens with lawsuit re affidavit of service”

  1. Don’t worry, I plan to get to the bottom of this, I will be personally going to speak to Mr. [redacted] (a/k/a Arthur Miller) at his address at [redacted] and to his neighbors to straighten this out. Everyone who knows me knows I am not a liar nor a cheat. It is unbelievable that you refer to my defense of my business as a “threat”, As you have twisted my attempt at communicating with you about this into a “threat”, further communication will be through my attorney so it cannot be misconstrued.

  2. Ms. Letus,

    We already ESTABLISHED that you’re a liar. You falsely stated that the court ruled that Mark McCumber’s affidavit of service is accurate.

    I politely invited you to provide details about this ruling.

    You did NOT.

    So there 🙂


  3. Here is Ms. Letus other post today at

    You have some nerve slandering an honest, hard-working person (Mark McCumber) and a legitimate business (Rondout Legal) on the internet. I have documentation that he was where he said he was when he said he was there, but you wouldn’t know that because you posted this inflammatory crap without a single communication with our office to find out if there was truth to it. A court of law backed up this service based on evidence, something you obviously know nothing about. My business and server’s name is all over the place, but your client’s real name is not even used. You have not responded to my email and have not had the spine to address this to me directly. Maybe you’ll be more willing to speak with my attorney. I plan to hold you personally liable for these slanderous posts unless they’re removed immediately. I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my attorney to discuss it.

    Ms. Letus CLAIMS to have documentation, but provides NOTHING.

    It is entirely FALSE that I did not respond to Ms. Letus’ email.

    Ms. Letus wrote to me yesterday:

    From: Kim Letus

    I am the owner of Rondout Legal Services. You have an entry on your website that one of our servers, Mark McCumber, falsified information and lied. This was proven untrue before a court, and the court ruled in June that this was a false accusation. Unless you remove this from
    your website immediately, you will be hearing from our attorney.

    The classic legal threat. Works for MOST people, but not for me.

    She also had submitted her comment here (reposted above) and I started this topic.

    And I immediately NOTIFIED her by email:

    Please see

    I’m looking forward to get to the bottom of this!

    Christine Baker

    And I have PROOF that Ms. Letus received this email because she responded this morning:

    My attorney will be in touch with you. After you twisted what I posted on your site and labeled it as a “threat”, I have no delusions that you will be fair-minded. It seems that your main interest is to prove your point, whether it’s correct or not.

    Kim F. Letus, NYSCPS
    Rondout Legal Services, Inc.

    Ms. Letus, you’re not a very good liar.

    How can I be MORE fair than to ask for answers to my questions and a picture of process server Mark McCumber so that the neighbor who spoke to “a” process server AFTER Mark McCumber CLAIMS to have left the papers at the door can determine whether it was McCumber?

    You’d have to be brain dead to believe that Ms. Letus has ANY proof whatsoever because she would have cheerfully provided it.

    Ms. Letus lied and lied again and thinks that I will delete the TRUTH.

    Fat chance, Ms. Letus!

    So bring on your attorneys 🙂


  4. Anything I say you will turn around. At the advice of the attorney I hired today, I will not be communicating with you further. Everything has been provided to him. And, I did not see your email until after my post this morning. It went into my Spam folder for whatever reason. You’re a nasty, mean spirited human being who does not want to do anything but criticize and slander people with nothing to back it up. I truly feel sorry for you that you have become so cynical you think everyone is a liar and would judge and call people names you know nothing about. Have a nice life, Christine . . .

  5. Ms. Letus, let’s assume that you did NOT lie when you wrote:

    And, I did not see your email until after my post this morning. It went into my Spam folder for whatever reason.

    It sounds to me like a VERY lame excuse, but let’s assume that’s true.

    I received your reply to my email at 8:47 am PST, shortly after you posted your FALSE allegations here.

    You then had over 5 hours to post a CORRECTION and to APOLOGIZE before I responded to your posts here.

    You failed to do so.

    It’s pretty clear who the “nasty, mean spirited human being” is.

    I help people who were defrauded and exploited, you help scum sucking bottom feeding collection lawyers like Cohen & Slamowitz.

    I post the truth for the public to read and I provided you with a platform at MY site to post the “PROOF” you alleged to have and to answer a few questions.

    You didn’t answer a single question and you posted NO proof. Instead, you claim to have provided your “documentation” to a lawyer.

    You threatened not only me, but also the debtor.

    You attempted to “out” him to the public by posting his name and full address.

    What do you intend to do when you visit the debtor at his home?

    NY Mafia style gun to the head? Are you process servers or gangsters?

    Ms. Letus, you really are something.

  6. My email to Ms. Letus:

    Ms. Letus,

    Since you didn’t provide your attorney’s contact information, I have no choice but to contact you directly.

    I discussed your threats with my client and he requested that I inform you that you are NOT welcome at his residence and that you are NOT to harass his neighbors.

    Christine Baker

    Hopefully that’s the end of this little episode.

    If I had more time, I’d draft the complaint about McCumber’s false affidavit of service for my client, but occasionally I have to do some PAID work. I sure would like to see a real investigation by the AG, maybe on a slow day …