10/7/09: Rondout Legal Service, Mark McCumberAffidavit of Service

The 10/7/09 Affidavit of Service Rondout Legal Service, Mark McCumber



2 Responses to “10/7/09: Rondout Legal Service, Mark McCumberAffidavit of Service”

  1. Unless you remove these false accusations from your website, I, as the owner of Rondout Legal and a legitimate and honest business person for the past 20+ years, will be hiring an attorney to look into this. The defendant had his day in Court, and the Court ruled the service to be legitimate and the affidavit to be accurate. Get these lies about my business off your website. If you’re truly interested in fairness, you will not vilify a legitimate business and an honest person (Mark McCumber) with false accusations.

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing from your attorney 🙂