Exh. C — 11/6/09: my 2nd fax to Cohen & Slamowitz attorney David Robinson

To: Attorney David Robinson
Law Offices Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP

Via fax to 516-364-6067– 1 page including cover

Client Account No.: [redacted]
C&S File No.: P007823
Index No.: [redacted]

November 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Wednesday night I faxed my client’s power of attorney, notice of the FDRS fraud, request for assistance by Citi and request for stipulation to extend the time to answer the complaint if Citi chooses to continue to pursue my client.

Yesterday Stephanie Spivack stated that you were reading the fax, but I have not received a response.

This morning I spoke with Ms. Spivack and there is an issue with the affidavit of service.  My client insists that the alleged 10/3/09 date of service is false.

I attempted to reach you by telephone, but apparently you decided not to take my calls and I left a detailed voice mail for you.

My client is extremely stressed due to his financial problems, the FDRS fraud and now your litigation.

Why are you not even responding to the request to stipulate to an extension to answer the complaint?

Is it Cohen & Slamowitz policy to only communicate through court filings?


Christine Baker

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