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I just got 100 notifications of comments, all SPAM (I think). So I have no choice but to disable comments as I don’t want to trash a REAL comment. Unfortunately I don’t get enough donations to hire someone and I sure don’t have the time to go through all this SPAM. Sorry!

Motion to dismiss denied, time to file complaint with AG Cuomo

I just posted the order and essentially, the judge doesn’t think that it matters WHEN a defendant was served and that the debtor failed to establish that the process server’s affidavit was false. I find that odd, although maybe he should have added to his declaration that the documents were NOT posted to the door […]

Cohen & Slamowitz and Citibank pursue judgment-proof defrauded debtor INSTEAD of criminals

Today I finished the ABOUT page and I hope it makes sense. My head is spinning as I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.  The process server Mark McCumber with Rondout Legal apparently FALSIFIED the affidavit of service because he thought that the ACTUAL service date would be more than 120 days after the […]