Notice of publication to Nelson & Kennard, Wakeman Process Service and FRIC

On Friday I sent the notice of publication to attorney Nelson and to Wakeman Process Service and today I faxed to First Resolution Investment Corporation (FRIC).  Unfortunately my DSL connection is extremely slow today and Frontier just opened a repair ticket.  I’ll have to wait to post the notices until I have a better internet connection.

And of course I will update with any responses.

I gave FRIC until Wednesday at 5 pm to respond.  Since Nelson & Kennard refuse to cease collecting, we don’t have time to wait around and need to retain an attorney ASAP to vacate the judgment.   If we don’t resolve this by Wednesday, I’ll post the screenshots of the credit reporting, my client’s ignored dispute and I’ll get started on the regulatory complaints.  And of course we’ll be contacting consumer attorneys.


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