Lawsuits against Nelson & Kennard

Did a bit of searching and found several lawsuits against Nelson & Kennard in the California Eastern District Court:

2:09-cv-00389-MCE-EFB Kavran v. NCO Financial Systems, Inc. filed 02/09/09   closed 07/17/09
2:10-cv-02102-WBS-GGH Getty et al v. Nelson & Kennard filed 08/05/10
2:10-cv-02206-LKK-EFB Peoples v. Nelson & Kennard filed 08/17/10   closed 03/10/11
2:10-cv-02247-GEB-JFM Edwards v. Nelson & Kennard filed 08/20/10
2:11-cv-01160-GEB -KJN (TEMP) Humber v. Nelson & Kennard filed 04/30/11

My internet connection has been extremely slow the last few days and I finally got a new DSL modem yesterday and I’m catching up.

Obviously we’ll contact the attorneys who represented the consumers in these cases as it looks like Nelson & Kennard and FRIC are not interested in resolving the issues outside court (I have not received a response from any of the parties) and I’ll also try to post more info about these cases here ASAP.

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