6/9/11 update and call to First Resolution Management Corporation

I just spoke with Godfrey Drego at First Resolution Management Corporation because we have not heard from anyone.  He refused to discuss the account with me and referred me to Nelson & Kennard, but of course they are ignoring us too.

I attempted to confirm the FRIC receipt of my client’s dispute in April and according to Godfrey, all disputes and communications are forwarded to their attorneys — they don’t deal with consumers directly.   Apparently they DELIBERATELY refuse to validate in response to consumer disputes and merely forward disputes to their attorneys so that they can send out payment demands INSTEAD of validating disputed accounts.

This explains why my client got the collection letter from Nelson & Kennard in response to his dispute with First Resolution Investment Corporation.  Apparently they just don’t think the FDCPA applies to them.

I’ll make an effort to post some of the lawsuits against Nelson & Kennard and First Resolution Corporation this weekend.

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