My notices to DeVry and Experian

My notices to DeVry and Experian:

Via fax to 630-382-2915 – 5 pages including cover

April 28, 2009

Re: Notice of DRAFT FTC Complaint about the intentional and malicious reporting of student loan late payments after collection to Experian

Please forward this fax to your legal department for review.  The exhibits are posted at

Please submit any corrections within seven (7) days.

Should I not hear from you, I will assume that my FTC complaint is factual and accurate and I will submit it to the FTC next week.


Christine Baker

My notice to attorney Edward Chang with Jones Day, currently representing Experian in my federal suit:

Mr. Chang,

As discussed at the deposition, attached is my DRAFT complaint to the FTC with the exhibits, also posted at

I intend to submit the complaint to the FTC on 5/4/09 and I will assume that the complaint is factual unless I hear from you or Experian by then. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, Sincerely,Christine Baker

I don’t expect DeVry to respond since its Barbara Jones and its legal department already reviewed the issues and they determined that it’s perfectly fine to destroy their former students’ credit by reporting these late payments in violation of the FCRA.

While Experian verified after my client’s dispute, but I hadn’t contacted them directly.   Whether they care about the FTC complaint depends on whether they still control the FTC.  The previous commissioner was a former Jones Day attorney and Jones Day has been representing Experian for many years.

Of course I’m hoping that class action attorneys will sue on behalf of ALL DeVry students with defaults.  DeVry ADMITTED that it deliberately violated the FCRA and Experian VERIFIED the obvious incorrect reporting and it has NO procedures whatsoever to ensure accurate credit reporting.

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