DeVry's Kathy Chabez requests new power of attorney

I don’t understand what they need a power of attorney for.  I asked for corrections to the draft complaint.  I was going to mail it today, but will wait until tomorrow.

I find it quite offensive that they would wait until the LAST day to request the totally unnecessary power of attorney and this is nothing but a delay tactic.

We’ve already discussed my client’s account in great detail and the correspondence is included with the exhibits.

The FTC complaint is about DeVry’s credit reporting procedures — NOT my client.

He is one of many former DeVry students whose credit is maliciously destroyed by DeVry and I sure hope that a class action firm sues on behalf of ALL DeVry victims.  As of today, the DeVry Experian reporting is unchanged.  Looks like they’re just wasting my time.

Here’s our correspondence:

To: Credit Factors

Attn: Christine Baker

Re:  [redacted]

This is in response to a complaint letter on behalf of [redacted]. Upon review, DeVrys legal counsel has noted that we are unable to respond to your letter as the student has not authorized us to do so.

The Limited Power of Attorney document that we have on record for [redacted] expired March 19th, 2009.

The following is DeVrys standard FERPA release form.  The student would need to complete the form giving Credit Factors permission for us to release account information.

<<FERPA release.doc>>

The student can fax the signed form to 630.574.1963  or scan the signed form and email it to

Thank you.

Kathy Chabez

Service Center Solutions Manager

DeVry Inc.

My response:

Ms. Chabez,

I forwarded your email to my client.  However, my FTC complaint is about the DeVry and Experian credit reporting PROCEDURES to report late payments after accounts became collections and NOT specific to my client.

I wrote on 4/28/09:

Please submit any corrections within seven (7) days.

I had planned on mailing my complaint to the FTC today, please let my know by tomorrow whether it contains any incorrect statements or conclusions.


Christine Baker

Delay tactics …

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