DeVry insists its reporting is legal and Experian needs client ID

Below is today’s correspondence and the FTC compaint will go out today.

The purpose of publishing all the correspondence is of course to DOCUMENT the willfulness of these FCRA violations.

Experian attorney Chang’s email:

Ms. Baker,

I did receive the copy of your FTC draft complaint.  Thank you.  I forwarded it on to Experian’s in-house counsel for review, however, because the complaint had all of the consumer’s identification information redacted (which was no doubt for privacy purposes) Experian was unable to assess the factual validity of the allegations in relation to him.

I understand your allegations pertinent to the FTC include assertions of systemic incorrect reporting of late payments by that particular creditor, and obviously, if you deem it necessary to file that complaint with the FTC, Experian has no say in that.  However, Experian’s in-house counsel requested that the consumer contact Experian directly, or in the alternative. to have that consumer contact me so that we can attempt to resolve any issues he may have from my end.  As you are aware, Experian is unable to conduct any meaningful investigation pertaining to him without his direct consent or at the direction of his legal counsel.  Thank you.



Edward S. Chang, Esq.
Jones Day

My response with my client ID for Experian:

Mr. Chang,

Please provide my client’s info to the Experian counsel:  [redacted]

There is no need for my client to waste more time and money on this matter as he already personally submitted his factual dispute to Experian, see Exh. D, the 12/30/08 Experian investigation results, verifying the late payments


Christine Baker

And today’s email from DeVry senior cousel Sarah L. Fischer:

Ms. Baker:
I am sending this communication in response to your May 5, 2009, email.
DeVry University follows all applicable laws, rules and regulations in its business practices.
Sarah L. Fischer
Senior Counsel
DeVry Inc.
Truly incredible.  Evil people.

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