FTC failed to investigate my DeVry / Experian complaint re. lates after collection/charge-off

The new Obama administration continues with the same old corruption. I certainly see NO change at the FTC.

The 5/21/09 FTC email in response to my DeVry / Experian complaint:

Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. Please find attached information that may assist you.


The 5/21/09 FTC LETTER attached to the e-mail.   I got the FTC Ref. No. 22829876. And that’s it.  MANY hours wasted.

Sure, Experian deleted the account and my client is happy, but what about the MANY MILLIONS whose FICO scores are lowered due to this systemic malicious false credit reporting?

Are they all supposed to pay me to get those deletions?

WHY should anyone have to pay to get the complete and accurate credit reporting they are entitled to by law?

NEXT:  my letter to the new FTC commissioner.  Will have to do some research.

I’ll be publishing the NAMES of the people who choose to destroy America INSTEAD of enforcing consumer protection laws.

Maybe one day we’ll have proceedings similar to the Nuernberg Trials and at least some of the people in charge will be prosecuted for treason and their crimes against the American people.  If nothing else, their friends and neighbors ought to know what scum they are and shun these corrupt bastards.

And of course I hope that YOU will do your patriotic duty and stop financing the crooks.

STOP paying your unsecured debts to the big banks if you’re (nearly) judgment-proof.

If you lose your job, leave the system.  Become independent – LEGALLY stop paying income tax and sales tax  and stop being a SLAVE!

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