FTC failed to investigate my DeVry / Experian complaint re. lates after collection/charge-off

The new Obama administration continues with the same old corruption. I certainly see NO change at the FTC. The 5/21/09 FTC email in response to my DeVry / Experian complaint: Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. Please find attached information that may assist you. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre21.pdf The 5/21/09 FTC LETTER attached to the e-mail.   I got the FTC […]

DeVry account DELETED from Experian report

I’m assuming that Experian deleted the account. Of course my client is still out the money he paid to me to dispute and then to contact DeVry directly.   And I worked umpteen hours UNPAID to prepare the FTC complaint, write to DeVry and Experian about it, etc. Nobody should have to go through this again to […]

Mailed DeVry and Experian complaint to FTC

Mailed the complaint to the FTC today and now we wait and see. The exhibits remained the same and here is the updated complaint: To: Federal Trade Commission                                May 7, 2009 Consumer Response Center 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580 Re: Complaint # 1 — Credit bureau Experian and DeVry intentional reporting of late payments […]

DeVry insists its reporting is legal and Experian needs client ID

Below is today’s correspondence and the FTC compaint will go out today. The purpose of publishing all the correspondence is of course to DOCUMENT the willfulness of these FCRA violations. Experian attorney Chang’s email: Ms. Baker, I did receive the copy of your FTC draft complaint.  Thank you.  I forwarded it on to Experian’s in-house […]

DeVry's Kathy Chabez requests new power of attorney

I don’t understand what they need a power of attorney for.  I asked for corrections to the draft complaint.  I was going to mail it today, but will wait until tomorrow. I find it quite offensive that they would wait until the LAST day to request the totally unnecessary power of attorney and this is nothing […]

My notices to DeVry and Experian

My notices to DeVry and Experian: Via fax to 630-382-2915 – 5 pages including cover April 28, 2009 Re: Notice of DRAFT FTC Complaint about the intentional and malicious reporting of student loan late payments after collection to Experian Please forward this fax to your legal department for review.  The exhibits are posted at http://credit-reporting-collection-ftc-complaints.info. […]

The exhibits to the DeVry / Experian FTC complaint.

Here is the pdf with ALL exhibits: http://credit-reporting-collection-ftc-complaints.info/4-28-09-Exh-all–Experian-DeVry-opt-pub.pdf Exh. A:  3/3/09 CreditFactors letter to DeVry Exh. B:  3/3/09 Response by Barbara Jones, DeVry Exh. C: 12/12/08 Experian myFICO reporting of DeVry student loan Exh. D: 12/30/08 Experian investigation results, verifying the late payments Exh. E:  3/8/09 Experian reporting of the DeVry student loan on the […]

4/28/09 DRAFT FTC complaint Devry reporting of LATE payments after student loan became collection

The DRAFT of my FTC complaint, provided to Experian and DeVry for comments and to be mailed to the FTC in a week: To: Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580 DRAFT dated April 27, 2009 Re: Complaint # 1 — credit bureau Experian and DeVry intentional reporting of […]