The exhibits to the DeVry / Experian FTC complaint.

Here is the pdf with ALL exhibits:–Experian-DeVry-opt-pub.pdf Exh. A:  3/3/09 CreditFactors letter to DeVry Exh. B:  3/3/09 Response by Barbara Jones, DeVry Exh. C: 12/12/08 Experian myFICO reporting of DeVry student loan Exh. D: 12/30/08 Experian investigation results, verifying the late payments Exh. E:  3/8/09 Experian reporting of the DeVry student loan on the […]

4/28/09 DRAFT FTC complaint Devry reporting of LATE payments after student loan became collection

The DRAFT of my FTC complaint, provided to Experian and DeVry for comments and to be mailed to the FTC in a week: To: Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20580 DRAFT dated April 27, 2009 Re: Complaint # 1 — credit bureau Experian and DeVry intentional reporting of […]