Experian refusal to investigate factual credit disputes

My client actually INCLUDED a copy of his drivers license and utility bill with his factual disputes AND Experian provided him with his credit report prior to receiving the disputes.

Trans Union and Equifax processed the disputes, but on 1/20/10, Experian not only refused to investigate, but also made the most bizarre and FALSE accusation:

We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you. This could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response. Suspicious requests are taken seriously and reviewed by Experian security personnel who will report deceptive activity, including copies of letters deemed as suspicious, to law enforcement officials and to state or federal regulatory agencies.

The SCAN of the 1/20/10 Experian notice.

We hoped that the law enforcement and regulatory agencies would contact my client after receiving  reports of this fraud from the Experian security personnel.  However, my client was not contacted by anyone.

On 4/19/10, my client submitted his complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

On 5/3/10, he wrote to Experian with the following requests:

  • Identification of all law enforcement and agencies Experian contacted regarding his disputes.
  • The Experian explanation of how it determined that fraud was committed.
  • Deletion of the incorrectly reported and disputed LVNV accounts (this will be addressed in detail at the new LVNV blog)
  • Correction of the student loans.  This is a known systemic problem as all CRAs report the “high balance” as the INITIAL loan amount and they refuse to include the DEFERRED interest that’s added to the loan amount every month.In 9/08 I explained in detail how this INCORRECT reporting lowers FICO scores:

Credit bureaus and Sallie Mae REFUSE to correct student loan high credit reporting

  • Deletion of several derogatory accounts because Experian does NOT disclose the scheduled deletion date.  Presumably, the accounts are not scheduled for deletion.

I can’t wait for the response from Experian and it sure would be nice if the FTC actually contacted Experian as per their new policy, for details please read How to File Complaints with the FTC and Other Regulators.

Of course we will update here as we receive the Experian and FTC responses.

3 Responses to “Experian refusal to investigate factual credit disputes”

  1. I am having the same issue about false late payments on my student loans that were in deferrment before they were transferred to another lender. I have sent them all of the documents from Chase, showing that the loans were never late but the refuse to accept the information that I send them and the they keep refusing to update this false information. I am getting ready to sue Chase, Experian and TransUnion for reporting this false information in Mississippi Federal Court. Do anyone have the agent of process info for TransUnion, Experian and Chase? Thank you very much for any help on this matter.

  2. same problem here Experian refuses to investigate my disputes.. I get the identical bullshit letter..called the FTC..reference # 36722217…but it seems they will not act..we need to force the issue

  3. The FTC does nothing but keep statistics. I think the best thing to do is to SUE them for refusing to investigate UNLESS your dispute was previously verified or obviously frivolous.

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