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This published regulatory complaint is about credit bureau Experian’s 1/20/10 REFUSAL to investigate my client’s factual disputes.  He even included a copy of his drivers license and utility bill with his mailing — what else can he do?

Incredibly, Experian didn’t just refuse to investigate the disputes, but it claimed that they determined that my client had not sent the dispute and that they reported the “suspicious” dispute to law enforcement and state and federal regulators.

Because law enforcement and/or regulators did NOT contact him, he sent his complaint about Experian to the FTC.

The FTC is the NATIONAL regulator for CRAs (credit bureaus).

The FTC – how to file a complaint

While I usually recommend submitting complaints also to state attorneys general as they often DO investigate EACH complaint, we decided to see whether the FTC will actually contact Experian and resolve the issues.

The 4/19/10 complaint to the FTC about Experian’s false accusations

The Experian refusal to investigate and their intimidation tactics are NOT a “clerical error.”

This is a new Experian tactic to keep consumers from submitting FACTUAL disputes.  Another client recently received the same letter from Experian.

I will update with the FTC response.

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