1/20/10: Experian refusal to investigate

The 1/20/10 Experian notice, stating that it reported the “suspicious request” they had “determined was not sent by you” to “law enforcement officials and to state or federal regulatory agencies.”

Two of my clients have now received this notice.

Dear [redacted],

We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you. This could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response. Suspicious requests are taken seriously and reviewed by Experian security personnel who will report deceptive activity, including copies of letters deemed as suspicious, to law enforcement officials and to state or federal regulatory agencies.

If you believe that information in your personal credit report is inaccurate or incomplete, please call us at the phone number that displays on your Experian personal credit report, or visit our secure web site at www.experian.com/dispute. You also may write to us at the address on your Experian personal credit report. Be sure to include all of the following: your full name including middle initial (and generation such as JR, SR, II, III); Social Security number; current mailing address; date of birth; and previous addresses for the past two years.

Include the account name and number for any item on your credit report that you wish to dispute, and state the specific reason why you feel the information is inaccurate. We will ask the data furnisher to review their records to verify the information. An investigation may take up to 30 days (45 days when disputing information in your annual free credit report). Once we receive the results of the investigation, we will promptly notify you of the outcome.

We hope this information is helpful to you.


Experian’s National Consumer Assistance Center [emphasis added]


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