1/12/10: The factual disputes to Experian

The factual disputes were received at Experian on 1/15/10:

SSN redacted]

P.O. Box 9563
Allen, TX 75013


To Whom It May Concern:

I formally request that the following changes be made to my credit report and records with

1) Please note my new address:


2) Please delete both LVNV accounts.

They are disputed and have not been validated.

I definitely have no “INSTALLMENT” accounts with LVNV.

3) Please correct the obviously incorrect reporting of my Sallie Mae student loans
with the Credit Limit/Original Amount LESS than the CURRENT balances. As the balances on deferred student loans continually increase, the original loan amounts are to be updated accordingly.



Enclosures: Copy of Driver’s License and Utility Bill

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