CO AG Suthers kicks out collection agency – fails to prosecute

It may SEEM like Colorado consumers enjoy protection, but there is no mention of PROSECUTION in AG Suthers’ press release.   No jail, no fine, no penalty, no restitution whatsoever.

The harassed consumers got NOTHING?

This type of enforcement is equivalent to a bank simply closing the account after a consumer fails to make payments and NOT pursuing the consumer for the amount owed.

Wouldn’t THAT be nice?  Imagine if you didn’t follow the rules and even lied on your application, but you won’t be sued and simply can’t do business with that bank anymore.

Attorney General issues order barring Denver debt collection agency from operating in Colorado


DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that his office has issued an order barring the David Faith Corporation from collecting debts in Colorado. According to the order, the Denver-based company engaged in fraudulent and threatening debt collection practices, which is barred under Colorado law, and attempted to collect debts prior to obtaining a license from the state. The company’s owner, Chad Lee, also lied on the company’s application to become a licensed debt collection agency concerning his criminal history.

“Colorado debt collection laws are intended to shield consumers from collection agencies and scam artists that engage in fraudulent or threatening behavior,” Suthers said. “This case underlines my office’s commitment to keeping companies that abuse consumers out of Colorado. Consumers should familiarize themselves with their rights under Colorado law and report debt collection companies, like the David Faith Corporation, that engage in questionable or illegal behavior to my office.”

The order denies the David Faith Corporation’s application for a debt collection license and bars the company and its owners from starting any other debt collection firm in the state.

When dealing with debt collection agencies, consumers should remember:

  • If a collection agency or debt collector threatens you in any way, hang up and file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General.
  • If a collection agency or debt collector declines to provide you with a record of the debt, hang up and file a complaint.
  • If you dispute a debt a collection agency attributed to you in a timely fashion, the collection agency must provide some proof that you actually owe the debt before contacting you again.
  • If you would like to have a collection agency stop calling you at work or home, you must send a letter to the collection agency. A phone call is not sufficient. Once a collection agency receives your letter, they are barred from contacting you.
  • If you inform a debt collector that you are not the subject of the debt, they must stop calling you.
  • You do not have a right to make partial payments unless the collection agency agrees to such an arrangement.
  • When dealing with debt collectors, keep copies of all of your correspondence, including any payments.
  • After you have asked a debt collection agency to stop contacting you, for whatever reason, they may only contact you via a lawsuit.

Consumers who believe they have been defrauded or harassed by a debt collection agency can file a complaint online at, over the phone via 303-866-5304 or by e-mail to To learn more about the Colorado Collection Agency Board, visit

I strongly disagree with AG Suthers’ advice.

Consumers should NOT hang up when their rights are violated, but they should RECORD the calls, post the recordings online, look for an attorney to SUE the collectors and yes, sure, file a complaint with Suthers and the FTC.  But obviously, the regulators do NOTHING to deter illegal collection practices.

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  1. Chad Lee dba: David Faith Corporation (Woodland, WA 98674), collected a little over $9,000 of past-due money for us. He then claimed that his bank (US Bank) seized his bank account and therefore, he could not send us our money that he collected from our customers.
    Chad Lee is a thief. He took our money and left Washington state, and has made no attempt to contact us or send us our money.

  2. Did you REPORT this fraud?

    I’ve often seen district attorneys, AGs and the FTC prosecuting collectors who defrauded creditors.

    And of course you might want to do some asset research to see whether it’s worth your while to sue him.

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