$1.26 million awarded in NM FDCPA lawsuit against law firm Farrell & Sandlin for wrongful garnishment

Apparently Farrell & Sandlin attempted to garnish the wages of the wrong Lucinda Yazzie twice, even after they were informed that she is not the person they were looking for.  A Farrell & Sandlin collector had changed the SSN on the account to the SSN provided by Target, the judgment creditor.  Yes, that’s how low […]

HORRIBLE post by bankruptcy attorney Andy Miofsky about after bankruptcy mortgage credit reporting

Often the posts at the Bankruptcy Law Network (a promotional blog for bankruptcy attorneys nationwide) are quite informative — or so I thought.  After reading “Top 3 Reasons Not To Reaffirm a Mortgage in Bankruptcy” I’m wondering about the quality of the other information at this blog. As so often, bankruptcy lawyers spew loads of […]

NY RICO suit against Leucadia National and Mel Harris & Associates

Here we have a NY class action against the law firm Mel Harris & Associates, debt buyer Leucadia and its umpteen wholly-owned subsidiaries and the process server Samserv and its employees. As so often happens, the plaintiffs allege “sewer service” (falsified affidavits of service) and that the attorneys submitted false affidavits. Judge Chin did an […]

Debt collection attorney Joan Myers disbarred – NOT for violating collection laws

When I read the headline “Bedford attorney disbarred over debt-collection issues” I assumed that the Bar took action for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or related state laws.  However, I should have expected that she was disbarred for failing to promptly pay her “clients”, the creditors such as Ford Motor. Bar Associations […]

CONSUMER FDCPA attorney Thomas Lyons disbarred in Minnesota

This is truly INCREDIBLE.  While collectors and their attorneys routinely LIE to consumers AND to the courts, consumer attorney Lyons was suspended by the MN Bar for failing to disclose his client’s death during settlement negotiations. So what? Was his client hurt?  Was the client’s estate hurt? Compare that to Capital One’s attorneys LYING to […]