HORRIBLE post by bankruptcy attorney Andy Miofsky about after bankruptcy mortgage credit reporting

Often the posts at the Bankruptcy Law Network (a promotional blog for bankruptcy attorneys nationwide) are quite informative — or so I thought.  After reading “Top 3 Reasons Not To Reaffirm a Mortgage in Bankruptcy” I’m wondering about the quality of the other information at this blog. As so often, bankruptcy lawyers spew loads of […]

Will the class action awards in White v Experian (after bankruptcy reporting) ever get paid?

I’m working with a client with incorrect after bankruptcy reporting and just looked up my posting about the case again.  So in 9/09 they mailed out the claim forms. White, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.  Settlement Website UPDATE: On August 6, 2010, the Court set a briefing schedule after receipt of Settling Plaintiffs’ […]

NCO deletion after receipt of factual dispute

A client just received the NCO notice of deletion. He didn’t receive the final bill and he wanted to settle the account. I advised him NOT to pay because you get NO FICO scoring points for PAYING collections. So he sent his factual dispute to NCO and they responded by advising that they requested documentation […]

Reader mail: Nelnet reporting "included in bankruptcy" despite payments

A reader wrote: I have been reading your posts over the last few days and found that many people have had problems with Nelnet. I was hoping you could direct me in the right direction since you have already gone through this. I declared bankruptcy in 2001 and included all my debts (including Nelnet) not […]