Oregon appeals court rules AGAINST consumers and for debt buyers

Unfortunately the Oregon rulings extend the 3-year statute of limitations in Delaware where Chase is incorporated to the 6-year Oregon statute of limitations.  Here is the article at OregonLive.com: Oregon Court of Appeals says consumers with unpaid credit-card debt aren’t off the hook unless six years have passed and no lawsuits are filed. Arizona changed […]

FTC stops operations of FAKE debt collectors American Credit Crunchers and Ebeeze

Scam after scam and the California attorney general does NOTHING.  It’s incredible that the FTC has to take action while California continues to welcome scammers of the worst kind. The FTC press release:

Midland Funding affidavits questioned in Maryland

It’s about time that other states pick up on the fraudulent affidavits submitted by debt buyers all over the country and VOID the judgments. Consumer advocates want affidavits pulled in Md. debt-collection cases Ohio class-action settlement has implications for Maryland consumers, attorneys say October 03, 2011|By Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Baltimore Sun The University of […]

WV AG sues debt buyer Cavalry over state licensing

This is of interest to me because Acarta LLC is currently suing me in Arizona and they are NOT licensed and have obtained numerous judgments against others in Arizona. Debt Buyer Cavalry Responds to State Action; Vows to Defend Accounts receivable management firm Cavalry said late Friday that it is defending an action brought by […]

Collector Arrow Financial loses 9th circuit appeal

On 9/23/11 the 9th circuit of appeals affirmed the jury verdict against Arrow Financial based on violations of the FDCPA and the California Rosenthal Act.  From InsideARM: Collection Agency Loses FDCPA Case Appeal; “The Truth Can be Misleading:” Judges The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against an ARM firm Friday […]

$1.26 million awarded in NM FDCPA lawsuit against law firm Farrell & Sandlin for wrongful garnishment

Apparently Farrell & Sandlin attempted to garnish the wages of the wrong Lucinda Yazzie twice, even after they were informed that she is not the person they were looking for.  A Farrell & Sandlin collector had changed the SSN on the account to the SSN provided by Target, the judgment creditor.  Yes, that’s how low […]

If you’ve been sued, make sure you follow MN AG Swanson’s suit against Encore / Midland Funding

Aside from the signing of affidavits by people who have no personal knowledge of the debts, another important issue is that collectors often demand that consumers prove that they don’t owe the debt INSTEAD of proving that they do owe the debt.

Debt collector who sold debtors’ personal information gets probation and small fine

Debt collector sentenced for sale of information Updated: February 25, 2011, 6:51 AM The director of a Buffalo debt collection agency who admitted selling personal information on thousands of debtors has been sentenced to two years’ probation and fined $28,000 by Chief U. S. District Judge William J. Skretny, U. S. Attorney William J. Hochul […]

HSBC renegs on settlement agreements — ALWAYS get it in writing or RECORD the call!

It rarely happens that creditors and collectors are SUED for refusing to honor settlements, but it happens all the time. You MUST either get the agreement in writing or RECORD the call and ensure the terms are clearly audible.  Restate in your own words what you think you are agreeing to. And as much as […]

NY RICO suit against Leucadia National and Mel Harris & Associates

Here we have a NY class action against the law firm Mel Harris & Associates, debt buyer Leucadia and its umpteen wholly-owned subsidiaries and the process server Samserv and its employees. As so often happens, the plaintiffs allege “sewer service” (falsified affidavits of service) and that the attorneys submitted false affidavits. Judge Chin did an […]