FTC stops operations of FAKE debt collectors American Credit Crunchers and Ebeeze

Scam after scam and the California attorney general does NOTHING.  It’s incredible that the FTC has to take action while California continues to welcome scammers of the worst kind. The FTC press release:

Maryland suspends licenses for debt buyer LVNV Funding and servicer Resurgent Capital Services

It’s about time! LVNV usually reports INCORRECTLY on the credit reports and they refuse to document accounts after disputes. Every time my clients submit disputes, Resurgent passes the accounts on to another collector, they have to dispute again and the accounts are returned to Resurgent. Resurgent then writes that they just received the account and […]

WV AG sues debt buyer Cavalry over state licensing

This is of interest to me because Acarta LLC is currently suing me in Arizona and they are NOT licensed and have obtained numerous judgments against others in Arizona. Debt Buyer Cavalry Responds to State Action; Vows to Defend Accounts receivable management firm Cavalry said late Friday that it is defending an action brought by […]

IC System, Allied Interstate, Van Ru and 5 other collectors charged in MN with hiring felons and other violations

It’s incredible to see so many collectors hiring FELONS. Apparently it is more profitable to hire felons than to run criminal background checks for new employees.  Obviously, felons make GREAT collectors! In fact, criminals are so good at collecting, Allied Interstate decided to hire a felon KNOWING about her crimes! In one instance, a debt […]

CORRUPT OBAMA: government debt collection calls to cell phones

The collection industry is thrilled by Obama’s latest gift to them. The Inside ARM article: Obama Proposal Loosens Restrictions on Cell Phone Calls for Debt Collection Buried in President Obama’s deficit reduction plan unveiled Monday was a provision that would allow cell phone calls for the purpose of debt collection. But the brief proposal seemed […]

NY AG Cuomo settles with LHR for only $150,000

They SHOULD have shut down LHR — one of the nastiest outfits.   They ALMOST became the subject of another public regulatory complaint for a client: LHR refusal to validate ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO SETTLES WITH BUFFALO DEBT COLLECTION COMPANY THAT HARASSED AND INTIMIDATED CONSUMERS LHR violated state and federal debt collection laws; must reform practices, pay […]

WV AG McGraw sues debt buyer Cavalry

Cavalry is a notorious debt buyer infamous for disregarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act. Attorney General McGraw Sues Four Unlicensed Collection Agencies; NY Companies Failed to Comply with Subponea CHARLESTON – Today, West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw’s Consumer Protection Division filed two lawsuits against four collection agencies headquartered […]

CO AG Suthers kicks out collection agency – fails to prosecute

It may SEEM like Colorado consumers enjoy protection, but there is no mention of PROSECUTION in AG Suthers’ press release.   No jail, no fine, no penalty, no restitution whatsoever. The harassed consumers got NOTHING? This type of enforcement is equivalent to a bank simply closing the account after a consumer fails to make payments and […]

Capital One suit and regulatory action against CCDN

A very interesting summary of litigation and regulatory actions against Credit Collections Defense Network (CCDN) and attorney Robert Lock is in the Chicago Chronicle (article below). WV AG McGraw complaint and exhibits: WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair and litigation) I didn’t know that Capital One sued CCDN and others in 2008 and […]