Will the class action awards in White v Experian (after bankruptcy reporting) ever get paid?

I’m working with a client with incorrect after bankruptcy reporting and just looked up my posting about the case again.  So in 9/09 they mailed out the claim forms. White, et al. v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc.  Settlement Website UPDATE: On August 6, 2010, the Court set a briefing schedule after receipt of Settling Plaintiffs’ […]

Jay Peters Credit repair scam (credit secrets bible)

I somehow get newsletters (advertisements) from Jay Peters, Zodiac Publishing at http://www.CreditRepairPublishing.com They seem to sell all kinds of courses such as the “credit secrets bible.”  I read a couple of their blog posts and they are obviously targeting the “not so bright.” I’ve been receiving their ads for their YouTube videos, made really cheap, […]

Capital One suit and regulatory action against CCDN

A very interesting summary of litigation and regulatory actions against Credit Collections Defense Network (CCDN) and attorney Robert Lock is in the Chicago Chronicle (article below). WV AG McGraw complaint and exhibits: WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair and litigation) I didn’t know that Capital One sued CCDN and others in 2008 and […]

WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair and litigation)

I’m somewhat familiar with the Credit Collections Defense Network (CCDN) because FDRS referred some of their clients to them for credit repair.  I’ve read some incredible horror stories, people first getting scammed by FDRS and then by CCDN. Some choice excerpts from the complaint are at the CCDN Scam blog: West Virginia sues Robert K […]

OAN Services, Ideal Savings Now, Ideal Voicemail, AccessVM billing FRAUD

This SCAM isn’t directly related to credit and collections, but it explains why and how so many scammers get away with FRAUD. OAN Services seems to either sign up unsuspecting visitors of their websites for voice mail or they bill entirely fraudulent calls. You NEVER provide a credit card number and they add the charges […]