Dead Soul Is a Debt Collector – Martha Kunkle died in 1995

It is common practice for debt collectors to submit FALSE affidavits to the courts because most consumers do not appear in court and the debt buyers get default judgments. Most judges cheerfully sign the default judgments to clear the dockets.  The courts love the money (filing fees) and NO work. Incredibly, nobody ever goes to […]

AARP lobby AGAINST collectors worries collection industry

It’s good to see the AARP take a stand against abusive and unfair collection practices.  The collection industry is “concerned.” A Powerful Group Aligns Against the ARM Industry Posted by Patrick Lunsford on June 22, 2010 Last week, we ran a press release under the headline “NY Statewide Coalition Urges Legislature to Curb ARM […]

CO AG Suthers kicks out collection agency – fails to prosecute

It may SEEM like Colorado consumers enjoy protection, but there is no mention of PROSECUTION in AG Suthers’ press release.   No jail, no fine, no penalty, no restitution whatsoever. The harassed consumers got NOTHING? This type of enforcement is equivalent to a bank simply closing the account after a consumer fails to make payments and […]

AUDIO: Russell Malone – Mitchell N. Kay – obnoxious collection calls

The transcript of a message left on a voice mail by Russell Malone with Mitchell N. Kay: Yes, this message is being left for [redacted].  [redacted], this is Russell Malone, law office of Mitchell N. Kay. I’m calling in regards to an outstanding claim filed in my office against you.  Case number is [redacted]. I’ve […]

Government to collect from SENIORS to support the financial elite

I just scanned this Full Report: The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States of America — an outstanding assessment of what’s going down and where we are today. … The Economic Elite have escalated their attack on US workers over the past few years; however, this attack began to build intensity in […]

How to get a NEW collection account deleted and PERMANENTLY closed

You’ve probably seen the credit bureau investigation results with deletions of collections at credit repair sites along with claims of “proof” of their effectiveness.  Of course ANYONE who sends out a few disputes of old accounts to credit bureaus is likely to get NUMEROUS deletions. Because collections are often reassigned or sold and many collectors […]