Midland Funding affidavits questioned in Maryland

It’s about time that other states pick up on the fraudulent affidavits submitted by debt buyers all over the country and VOID the judgments. Consumer advocates want affidavits pulled in Md. debt-collection cases Ohio class-action settlement has implications for Maryland consumers, attorneys say October 03, 2011|By Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Baltimore Sun The University of […]

WV AG sues debt buyer Cavalry over state licensing

This is of interest to me because Acarta LLC is currently suing me in Arizona and they are NOT licensed and have obtained numerous judgments against others in Arizona. Debt Buyer Cavalry Responds to State Action; Vows to Defend Accounts receivable management firm Cavalry said late Friday that it is defending an action brought by […]

Dead Soul Is a Debt Collector – Martha Kunkle died in 1995

It is common practice for debt collectors to submit FALSE affidavits to the courts because most consumers do not appear in court and the debt buyers get default judgments. Most judges cheerfully sign the default judgments to clear the dockets.  The courts love the money (filing fees) and NO work. Incredibly, nobody ever goes to […]

AARP lobby AGAINST collectors worries collection industry

It’s good to see the AARP take a stand against abusive and unfair collection practices.  The collection industry is “concerned.” A Powerful Group Aligns Against the ARM Industry Posted by Patrick Lunsford insideARM.com on June 22, 2010 Last week, we ran a press release under the headline “NY Statewide Coalition Urges Legislature to Curb ARM […]

The $8.1 million jury verdict against Midland Funding (Encore) and the jury findings

According to several articles, notorious debt buyer Midland Funding sued Chrystal A. Snow for an alleged debt and she filed a counter claim for harassment phone calls.  The jury awarded $8 million in punitive damages LAST YEAR in Dallas County Court-at-Law No. 4, case number 08-05810-D. Snow’s attorney was Ross Teter and I’d sure like […]