Dead Soul Is a Debt Collector – Martha Kunkle died in 1995

It is common practice for debt collectors to submit FALSE affidavits to the courts because most consumers do not appear in court and the debt buyers get default judgments. Most judges cheerfully sign the default judgments to clear the dockets.  The courts love the money (filing fees) and NO work. Incredibly, nobody ever goes to […]

WV AG McGraw sues CCDN (FDRS credit repair and litigation)

I’m somewhat familiar with the Credit Collections Defense Network (CCDN) because FDRS referred some of their clients to them for credit repair.  I’ve read some incredible horror stories, people first getting scammed by FDRS and then by CCDN. Some choice excerpts from the complaint are at the CCDN Scam blog: West Virginia sues Robert K […]

JP Morgan Chase sued for firing assistant VP who refused to misrepresent debts

According to the InsideARM article posted below, former assistant vice president Linda Amonte alleges that Chase had about 5,000 accounts with incorrect balances and did not have the court documentation for some 11,000 accounts with judgments that the bank said it had, misrepresenting those accounts to potential debt buyers. This is NOT the first time […]