AARP lobby AGAINST collectors worries collection industry

It’s good to see the AARP take a stand against abusive and unfair collection practices.  The collection industry is “concerned.” A Powerful Group Aligns Against the ARM Industry Posted by Patrick Lunsford on June 22, 2010 Last week, we ran a press release under the headline “NY Statewide Coalition Urges Legislature to Curb ARM […]

The $8.1 million jury verdict against Midland Funding (Encore) and the jury findings

According to several articles, notorious debt buyer Midland Funding sued Chrystal A. Snow for an alleged debt and she filed a counter claim for harassment phone calls.  The jury awarded $8 million in punitive damages LAST YEAR in Dallas County Court-at-Law No. 4, case number 08-05810-D. Snow’s attorney was Ross Teter and I’d sure like […]

JP Morgan Chase sued for firing assistant VP who refused to misrepresent debts

According to the InsideARM article posted below, former assistant vice president Linda Amonte alleges that Chase had about 5,000 accounts with incorrect balances and did not have the court documentation for some 11,000 accounts with judgments that the bank said it had, misrepresenting those accounts to potential debt buyers. This is NOT the first time […]