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My 9/21/12 opening brief

I just uploaded my opening brief:

Appeals Court Filings

I know that thousands of consumers are looking for information on how to defend themselves against debt buyer lawsuits.  I’m NOT an attorney and I do NOT expect to prevail.  HOWEVER, my filings are a good START for your defense and I’m hoping that the appeals court will at least explain in its ruling WHY Acarta can submit unauthenticated exhibits and submit an affidavit falsely claiming personal knowledge.

I’d like to know WHY the SOL was not expired and WHY Acarta can charge interest for the time it did NOT own the alleged debt.

And of course I’d like to know why my counterclaims were dismissed.

I do intend to submit a reply to the Acarta response and I’ll greatly appreciate suggestions.

As I was writing this brief it occurred to me how UNFAIR a 6 year statute of limitations really is.  The statute of limitations for FRAUD is only 3 years.

Why on earth is the SOL for credit card debt now 6 years? 

That’s CRAZY!

And it needs to be changed.

But first I need a break from all this computer work. I thought my eyes would fall out from all the research.


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