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My statement of costs and status conference in superior court 6/13/13

I uploaded my statement of costs and the superior court order regarding the status conference.   I suppose I should be filing a motion for summary judgment, but I’m so busy with my gardens and plants, just don’t have time. In fact, preparing the statement of costs was a major ordeal because I got fee waiversContinue Reading

My email to the Arizona NACA FDCPA consumer attorneys

I just sent an email to the NACA attorneys: Hi, This is a mailing to all Arizona FDCPA attorneys listed at No attorney was willing to assist me when I was sued in Kingman superior court (for various reasons, but primarily because there are no consumer attorneys in Mohave county). I did the bestContinue Reading

Consumer v. Debt Buyer litigation for change

I decided to post all document and court filings related to this lawsuit because I need HELP and of course I hope that this published lawsuit will create awareness of the issues. I do NOT expect to prevail. I don’t have the resources (time and money), I’m not an attorney and I’m seriously lacking LEGALContinue Reading