Portfolio Recovery finally deleted

Yesterday morning they sent the fax with the deletion instructions for the CRAs.  I can’t believe they waited so long.

Of course we still have the Portfolio inquiry lowering the FICO credit scores and in combination with the inquiries from mortgage lenders, “too many inquiries” is now a negative score factor.

And that’s why the economy is in shambles.  Everything is based on lies, deceit and fraud.  NOBODY should ever receive a higher interest rate or insurance premium because of inquiries.

It’s nice to be able to get some individual accounts deleted, but we really need to change the SYSTEM, prohibit credit scoring and get back to reality.

— UPDATE: Portfolio also offered to delete the inquiry and my client got his mortgage and purchased his new home.

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  1. Here is what some people are doing to get back at Portfolio Recovery Associates. Put an ad on Craigslist for free stuff or deals that are too good to be true.
    Here is an example of one ad that I saw on Craigslist:

    Free scrap metal, aluminum, copper, shelving

    We are closing down our shop and have a yard full of metal, aluminum, copper & shelving that needs to be gone by next week.
    Bring a truck or trailer… we can load for you.

    1-888-772-7326 is PRAs corporate number. They also have two other numbers 757-519-9300 & 866-925-7109.
    They receive hundreds of calls a day and as fast as they can get the ads deleted you simply put it up again. This also costs them money since it is a toll free number where they pay for all calls coming in.

    You can also do ads like free furniture or price items way below fair market value etc… to generate LOTs of phone calls.

  2. Pretty funny!

    However, the person placing the ads is subject to criminal prosecution.

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