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I am posting my complaints to the FTC and other regulatory agencies at this new site.

First I post a DRAFT of the complaint for review by the entity that’s the subject of the complaint.   I want to ensure that there are NO misunderstandings.

I UPDATE with the responses from regulators or the companies I’m complaining about.

Back in the early 90s, the FTC still assisted me with my complaints and actually sent a letter to the company I complained about. 

Now, the FTC merely adds all the complaints to  a database and it does NOTHING.  I stopped submitting complaints because it was a giant waste of time.

While I don’t expect regulators to take action and I am fully aware that the regulators’ primary concerns are the corporate and especially bank profits,  I was hoping to see at least some token investigations due to the change in administration.

Under President Clinton, the FTC issued published opinion letters. 

It it is my understanding that Bush administration did not appreciate those letters.  While NOT the law, these FTC opinion letters regarding collection and credit reporting issues were very helpful to consumers and companies intending to comply with the law.

President Obama promised CHANGE.

We quickly found out that President Obama is bought and paid for — by the corporations.

My first complaint to the FTC about DeVry and Experian credit reporting was IGNORED. 

My complaint was assigned a number and then filed.  That’s all the FTC does.  

President Obama FAILED to make any changes at the FTC.

My next complaint will be sent to the new commissioner along with the DeVry / Experian complaint and a personal letter.

Christine Baker

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