Portfolio Recovery finally deleted

Yesterday morning they sent the fax with the deletion instructions for the CRAs.  I can’t believe they waited so long. Of course we still have the Portfolio inquiry lowering the FICO credit scores and in combination with the inquiries from mortgage lenders, “too many inquiries” is now a negative score factor. And that’s why the economy […]

Complaint #2: Portfolio Recovery complaint to FTC and MN and VA AGs

To date, I have not received ANY communications from Portfolio Recovery.   So I’m sending the complaint, the 5/28/09 fax to Portfolio and my client’s MN AG complaint to the FTC and my client is mailing it to the MN and VA AGs. MN AG Lori Swanson has done some outstanding work and last year she sued […]

6/14/09 DRAFT FTC / AG complaint to Portfolio Recovery legal for comments

This is the DRAFT of regulatory complaint #2 about Portfolio Recovery Associates. Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt buyer notorious for violating the FCRA and FDCPA, ignoring consumer disputes and even multiple hard inquiries. While the FCRA explicitly PERMITS collection inquiries to be reported to 3rd parties (hard inquiries), this practice defames consumers who are often INNOCENT.   […]