Preparing the press release and my request for extension to respond to the complaint

My 1/4/09 email to Dr. Tameira Hollander’s attorney Irving G. Johnson:

Dear Mr. Johnson:

Since you’ve been monitoring my websites, I’m sure you noticed that I shut down, my major website and source of income, to comply with your court order (found outside my garage) and I assume you reviewed my publications about this lawsuit at

1)  As I am now preparing a press release regarding this lawsuit to retain an attorney, please advise whether there is ANYTHING at all that’s incorrect, incomplete, misleading or in any way objectionable at and especially at

My readers find it hard to believe that you would file a lawsuit without ever submitting to me a single objectionable excerpt from my publications.

To date, and despite my SPECIFIC request on 8/10/08, you and your client Dr. Tameira Hollander failed to identify a single allegedly libelous statement published at any of my websites.

Please advise if you, Dr. Tameira Hollander or her representative(s) submitted ANY communications to me regarding this matter that are NOT listed at

Also, I will gladly add your statement to and/or to the press release.  Please also provide any case law in support of shutting down a website due to a link to another site AFTER the “offending” site was already taken down.

2) I’ll also greatly appreciate your stipulation to extend the deadline to respond to the complaint to February 12, 2009, so that I have time to retain an attorney to respond appropriately.  Please let me know by Tuesday 1/6/09, by email or fax to 571-222-1000.

Very truly yours,

Christine Baker

After I wasted DAYS on this crap 3 weeks ago, I could not work myself up to dealing with this lawsuit.  One night I spent a few hours researching, it’s just so depressing.

Last week I started to have nightmares about this suit.  I was in court and there were so many people.  Many SICK and OLD people, with walkers and in wheelchairs.  Like traffic court for the 70+ crowd.

It is so incredibly aggravating to have your rights violated, to know that you have no rights when you’re not wealthy, to know that most judges couldn’t care less about justice, to know that spreading your legs will be less painful than putting up a fight.

The harder you fight, the greater the damages.

A lesson learned a thousand times.

Why am I STILL fighting?

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  1. Because they ripped off your website, made you feel helpless by not saying what it was specifically, it was not legal and you know in your heart that if it got this far there will be no justice. I think what one learns about the self along the way means that you never waste time.

    Your time is not wasted. It’s just part of your nature before you forge ahead to go through a period of helplessness.

    There you are in a court with the rest of the helpless people you work so hard to help, feeling as helpless as they.

  2. You’re right about the “benefits” and when I talk about time “wasted”, it’s because I don’t get paid for it AND there is a lot of frustration instead of immediate benefits.

    Ultimately, it IS important that I know what it’s like to have my rights violated AND to publish it.

    And of course it motivates me to keep working on Trado and to create a system that works FOR the PEOPLE.

    What’s happening with Dr. Hollander and her lawyers serves to document that we really need a NEW system and we need to act before we lost the rights to try.

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