Doctor Tameira Hollander's contempt motion DENIED

The SCAN of the 2/10/09 order is posted at CreditCourt.

Here is the text, edited for easier reading as I’m one of the many with an ALL CAPS reading disability, I added line breaks and highlighted the most important parts:

2/10/2009 Minute Order

Judge: gjr. Counsel for plaintiff have contacted the division by phone and requested a ruling on the 1/29/09 motion for contempt and forthwith hearing re: def. Baker, a resident of Arizona.

The court finds that plt. filed a motion for TRO on 10/17/08 that resulted in def.’s John and Barbara Bailey stipulating to the requested TRO on 11/17/08.

Def. Baker was not part of said stipulation and review of the ROA reflects no TRO has ever entered against def. Baker.

Indeed, it would appear that service on def. Baker was not even attempted until 12/12/08.

The parties have agreed to extend the date for her answer to 2/12/09.

Order: Plt’s motion is denied.

Notice of this min. Order will be achieved by scanning it into lexis/nexis pursuant to C.R.C.P. 121, sec.1-26(11).

Notice to def. Baker, who has not yet appeared via counsel, will be achieved by plt mailing a copy of this min.order to her last known address and certifying to the court within five days that this has been done. /gjr [emphasis added]



I am STILL stunned. 

I made a special trip to Kingman today to pick up the order and it was there twice, once mailed by the court and also mailed by the Hollander attorneys as the court required.

Obviously, this shows my legal incompetence, I BELIEVED that I had to take down

I was so excited about getting back online and then it took me HOURS.   I wish ExpressionEngine (the software) wasn’t so hard to use.    Unlike all my other forums and blogs, there’s no simple “take site offline” button to check.  You have to RENAME files and apparently I somehow accidentally moved the system files into my image directory. 

It took me forever to figure out how to fix it because I NEVER do anything at that site other than upload upgrades and I haven’t done that in a long time because it’s such a hassle.

It’s been horrible not being able to find my posts and having all these bad links.   So many times I wanted to post a link or send a reader a relevant link. 

Total Entries: 2379
Total Comments: 3825

Even I as adminstrator couldn’t access the site while offline. 

Tomorrow I have to call the court again.  Before I went to Kingman I called and was told that my 2/11/09 express mailing still hadn’t arrived yet.

I just checked again now online and says that no information is available on the web.  I was getting really frustrated and stressed again and looked for a phone number. 

Amazingly, the automated phone system claims that the mailing was delivered last FRIDAY.   I don’t understand it, I talked to two different people since the post-office claims it was delivered and they said there was nothing.

Stress, stress and more stress and frustration.

But at least CreditSuit is online again!

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