My answer and counterclaims and motion to vacate the TRO

Obviously, my motion to vacate the temporary restraining order is moot, since the judge ordered last week that no TRO pertaining to me ever existed.  

It truly sucks to have to wait for snail mail.

I really don’t understand why I can’t at least register with Lexis-Nexis to receive the filings electronically.  Nobody returned my call after I left a message a couple days ago with the court regarding e-filing.

The filings I mailed last week are posted at CreditCourt.

My answer is about 20 pages, but you can skip the answers and affirmative defenses and go to page 5 to read what really went down.  Very little legalese, mostly in the plain English.

There may well be deficiencies with my counterclaims, but I have lots of time to amend my claims or maybe even file a complaint in federal court.   I’ve been filing electronically in Arizona federal court for years, so that would be a lot more feasible. 

But for now, I’ll see what happens and I’ll continue to try to find an attorney to represent me. 

Have to write a new press release with all the updates, open letters to the Arapahoe and Mohave county attorneys and sheriffs to request prosecution of the Hollander [edited pursuant to the 11/19/09 ruling that the Hollander false allegations under oath are NOT perjury] and the Hilton harassment,  figure out how to send subpoenas to Comcast and Yahoo to ID Hilton, I wish my days had 100 hours …

And I’m considering filing a motion for sanctions. 

That will require some research and legal advice.

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