OTHER defamation threats received over the years

I have SO much going on, I forget the many battles I’ve fought.

A comment submitted at CreditSuit reminded me of one such battle with attorney Jaromir Kovarik.   As so often, it turns out that I not only was absolutely correct with my assessment of Kovarik and KTHL, but I underestimated their incompetence.

So I just had a look at my Kovarik posts and saw my 2005 editorial policy and this is my response to attorney Kovarik’s legal threats:

4/26/05 — my response with the explanation of my editorial policy, I’ve already explained it to Kovarik numerous times, a slow learner

Dear Mr. Kovarik:

I have been incredibly busy and truly appreciate your reminder to post about your deplorable and illegal conduct at Fight-Back!!! and at the junk fax blog. I even made a special topic for you at Fight-Back!!! and you are now featured in your own category at the blogs. Enjoy!

I already repeatedly explained to you my editorial policy, but, since you seem to be a very slow learner, here it is again:

Upon written notice (best by fax to 571-222-1000) of any false statements I will decide whether a correction is appropriate. You need to provide me with the URL for the page and include the exact excerpt you object to.

As you also know, I am prepared to document my allegations. So, here is how this works:

1) You send me what you feel is incorrect.

2) I review your complaint and if I agree, I post the appropriate updates.

3) If I don’t agree, I’ll post my supporting evidence to document my allegation. My documentation includes the recorded phone calls, the e-mails and postings.

If you feel that you need to file a harassment suit against me because I’m publicizing your deplorable conduct and doing my civic duty to warn other potential victims who consider working for you or having you represent them regarding junk faxes, please don’t waste any money on serving me. I’ll accept the waiver of service by e-mail or fax.

As always, all communications are subject to publication.


Christine Baker

c: posted at Fight Back!!! & CreditSuit.org with permission to repost for non commercial purposes

I stood up for my civil rights AND I helped MANY people avoid getting screwed by morons. 

People need to conduct their research on the web BEFORE doing business or associating with someone.  It’s NOT free, as it does require time.  And that’s why so many people don’t do it. 

Of course I can’t feature every moron on the planet.

That’s YOUR job!

If more people took the time to expose malpractice and scams, we wouldn’t have so many problems.

I am so APPALLED by the many American cowards. 

I’ve been in many countries and often admired how people risked their lives for their freedom and independence.

But I’ll also never forget my trips through Bulgaria in the late 70s and early 80s when it was ruled by one of the most oppressive communist regimes. 

One time I got a speeding ticket and the cops demanded local money, which I didn’t have.  They took my passport and I had to go find a place to exchange money.

I do not remember how I exchanged money, but I do remember that there were only a few people on the street, actively avoiding me and I still see the face of an older woman I approached to ask for directions to a bank.  People were afraid to talk to foreigners.

It was only a 4 hour drive through Bulgaria and I always avoided stopping.  Fill up in Yugoslavia and drive straight through to the Turkish border.  The Turks were more fun even on the day after the military coup.

The Bulgarian scenery was actually quite nice and it included crossing spectacular mountains that reminded me of Dracula’s castle.   But the entire country was covered with an aura of fear and oppression and the people weren’t afraid of Dracula, but they were afraid of their government and the courts.

More and more often I  sense this same fear in Americans.

People are terrified of the courts, lawyers and the government.  Rightfully so, as documented by my litigation. 

The Bulgarians eventually rebelled.  I don’t understand why Americans aren’t fighting for THEIR freedom before the corporate fascists gain total control.

Americans are losing their rights to free speech, to bear arms, to NOT subject their kids to potentially deadly vaccines and they even cheerfully line up for flu shot to help ensure they’ll get Alzheimers.

Most people in the “world’s greatest country” are acting like morons and cowards and many who know what’s going on choose to hide instead of fight.

Very scary.

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